“I’m alive!!!”

February 18, 2014: Sister Sanabria’s very first letter on her very first day upon arriving at the MTC in Mexico City. 

Hi mommy and daddy! I’m at the CCM safe and sound. I’m considered a Latina missionary which means I’m only here for 2 weeks and all my stuff is in Spanish. So I’ll most likely be lost for this first week, haha. Like the packet they gave me, all of the schedules and instructions are in Spanish and it’s gonna take me like an hour just to get through each one since it’s so detailed (the gringos get theirs in English, the lucky ducks!). Since we got here a night early, we aren’t officially registered until tomorrow – which is also when we’ll meet our companions. The way they do companions here is that all the South American missionaries are paired with a Mexican missionary, to help them out with the local lingo and customs. My companion’s name is Amanda Pérez and that’s pretty much all I know about her.

My envelope that they gave me was missing my name tag and the brother who welcomed us told me that they’re gonna request one. So I have no clue when I’m actually going to get it. 😦 On the positive side, one of the girls who traveled with me from Colombia (I can’t remember her last name,but she’s from Barenquilla (sp?)) is in my same district and we’re roommates! She’s serving in Mexico City. She’s really nice although the quietest out of our little group (asides from me, since you know, I can’t speak Spanish) and she was the first one I saw at the airport so we’re cool. Hermana Pira, which is the other girl from Bogota who I talked to the most with (or rather, she talked to me) is in my same branch and in the same apartment (but in the room next door) which will be fun. So yeah, well I gotta go now but they allowed us to write to you real quick to let you know that we arrived and are well. I’ll write to you whenever my P-day is!
Stay sweet,
Hermana Sanabria

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