Week 1 in the CCM

February 24, 2014: Hermana Sanabria’s first week in the MTC in Mexico City. Here are a few pictures and passages from her letter to home! 

Camila CCM

CCM District

Camila’s District: (Back Row L-R: Elder Ovalle, Hna Hernandez, Me, Hna Perez, Hna Ramirez, Elder Contreras; Front Row L-R: Elder Augilar, Elder Moreno, Elder Monasterio, Elder Reyes)

“As you can tell, none of us know how to look at the camera except for Hna Hernandez. Anyway, I really like my district. The first two days for me were pretty rough because I was so overwhelmed by the language (I kinda had a mini mental breakdown during the middle of class on Wednesday, haha) but they’ve all been really patient and understanding with me, so I’m way better now. ”

Camila CCM materials

“Out of my entire experience here, I would have to say that being with a companion 24/7 is definitely the hardest part about a mission (more so than learning the language!).”


“Now for some experiences. Friday was a really cool experience for us as a district because we had this workshop called CRE (I have no idea what that stands for) where we pretty much sit down with an “investigator” and give a lesson. These investigators are teachers here at the CCM and during these citas they evaluate us and our progress. Except for this day, our investigator was actually a less active member from here in the city. His name is Juan Alejandro and he’s 14 years old. Anyway, it was really heartbreaking to hear him explain why he hasn’t gone to church in 6 months (he and his family joined the church when he was 12). He’s a really shy kid and a little gordito, and he explained to us that the youth in his ward didn’t talk to him and excluded him, so he felt alone and like he wasn’t wanted. He also explained to us how his family has been having problems because his dad is always working and never home, his mom seems to be always angry, and his older brother is ignoring him/his family and always out of the house til very late at night. As he was explaining his feelings to us, we all got emotional. The most surprising part though was that I kinda took over the discussion. I began to explain to him that even though he may feel alone right now, he’s never alone because he has a Heavenly Father who loves him and an older brother (aka: Jesus Christ) who knows exactly how he feels and will always be there for him. I also shared with him my experience when we first moved to Colombia and how I felt like I didn’t have any friends because the youth never talked to us, but that it eventually got better. I promised him that if he returned to the church and was diligent in keeping the commandments, the Lord would eventually bless him with a friend at church and that when that day came, he would be so happy. Of course the other missionaries in my district also shared experiences and explained how the gospel brought happiness to both ourselves and our families (we also promised him that if his family returned to church, things will change at home and they’ll be much happier). By the end of the appointment, we were all emotional but really happy and I could tell that Juan could feel the spirit. And that when he promised us he was going to return to church, we could all tell that he was being sincere. (By the way, let tia Martha know that I may have promised him that if he was ever in Orlando to give me a call and I’d get him into Disney World for free). That appointment was such a special moment for our district because we really worked together and we became so much closer after that.”

Camila CCM 1

“Okay, well I don’t have much time left so I just want to say that I love you all and I’m really enjoying being a missionary and learning a lot. My Spanish is getting way better too! Oh, and you know how I was saying how here at the CCM, for talks they assign topics and then call the people up Sunday morning? Well of course I was one of the people who got called up! It went well though and I wasn’t as nervous as I thought I’d be. I’ve also noticed that my piano playing has gotten way better and I’m not as nervous anymore either. I am definitely noticing the blessings of being a missionary. By the way, the food is way delicious and authentic so don’t worry about that. I leave next Monday for the field which is crazy, so the next time I write I’ll be in Queretaro!

Stay sweet,
Hna Sanabria”



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