Week 2 In The Field + A Baptism!

March 17, 2014
Week 2
Okay, so I had my first baptism this past weekend and it was awesome! The Rosas family is really special and what’s even better is that Rocio, the wife, decided that she wants to be baptized too! Her baptism is this coming Saturday and we’re all super excited. As for my week, well it was pretty much the usual. The only downfall with having Israel and Rocio get baptized is that we no longer have progressing investigators. But this week we’re going to concentrate on contacting and finding more people to teach! This past weekend actually felt like a weekend. Saturday was our baptism and we pretty much didn’t do anything all day besides spend time with the Rosas. We ate with them for lunch and they gave us a ride in the back of their pickup truck to the church for the baptism. By the time everything finished, it was already 6:30 and so we went to this one area called Santa Barbara, where two potential investigators that I contacted on the street the day before lived, but they weren’t there. Since the area was pretty far away, we decided to walk home and just clean up so we can have more time for P-Day. We then finished the day off by ordering Domino’s pizza which tastes just like in the states (though definitely pricier). “
Week 2-2
“Sunday was really nice. We had church as usual but afterwards we went to have lunch with the Lancy family (they’re the trilinguals) as well as the two elders who we share an area with. They’re a really awesome family who are super strong in the church and really help us missionaries out. It was also nice to finally talk to someone in English! After we finished eating, all four of us headed over to La Estancia, which is the neighborhood where Rocio and Israel live. The elders have a recent convert that lives in the same neighborhood, Veronica, and so we wanted to have a combined family home evening with them. Veronica has two children (18 and 17 years old) but they aren’t members, so we were hoping that this noche de hogar would sort of motivate them into taking the discussions. The son didn’t stay but her daughter Joyce did and she’s super sweet. We watched ‘The Best Two Years’ with them and they all enjoyed it. We invited Veronica and Joyce to the mother/daughter camp out that’s later this month and they both said they wanted to go. :)”
Week 2-3
“As for my P-Day, we actually went out and did stuff besides laundry and grocery shopping. We first headed out to the centro, which is the historical plaza and it’s super pretty. We met up with our district leaders (therefore completing our entire district – there’s only 6 of us) and it was nice because an investigator of the elders gave us a ride/was our tour guide. I wish we could’ve stayed longer but all the other missionaries had already been so they got bored and decided to go somewhere else. It was also a little annoying because my companion would barely let me take any pictures and half the time was spent in a Sports Authority kind of store because the elders wanted to buy jerseys (which they didn’t because they were way too expensive) but whatever. Afterwards we went to this amusement park kind of thing – which I had no idea about – that cost 40 pesos (like $5) and covers everything except food. We only went on the bumper cars because the only other ride we could go on had a huge line. There was also this international festival thing going on and we got these little red ‘passports’ and spent an hour running around the whole park getting stamps from all of the countries. I personally thought it was kind of a waste of time and money (probably because I hadn’t eaten all day so I was a little grumpy) but the elders were having a blast, which was actually pretty funny to watch. And yeah! That’s pretty much my P-day.
I’m still having trouble opening up to my companion but hopefully this week will be better. It’s just frustrating when she doesn’t explain things to me and then gets annoyed because I don’t know everything. Some days are better than others, but I’m still praying for patience and compassion because man is it rough.
So yeah, that’s pretty much it for this past week. I’m glad you’re all doing well and that everything is good back home. I have a bunch of pictures from the CCM that are on my memory stick (which I left in my casa) so I’ll send them next week.
Love you!
Hna Sanabria”

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