Week 11 + A Baptism (kind of)

May 19, 2014 


So yesterday there was a baptism…. except it wasn’t mine, haha. The family who got baptized yesterday were investigators my companion had taught in her previous area, which is El Sol. And since that’s part of our zone, Presidente gave her (and me) permission to go to the baptism, which she was super happy about. Apparently this family (it’s a mom and her two daughters) were ‘eternal investigators’ and there were a lot of legal problems why they couldn’t get baptized while my comp was teaching them, so when she found out that they finally accepted a date, she was really excited. The only reason I’m mentioning this is because it was pretty much the only eventful or rather, not-usual thing we did this week. My companion’s previous companion (Hna. Jimenez, the one who was with her during the teaching of this family) also got to go and I was happy because her companion is Hna. Cadena, who is from my generation. She was probably the sister from my generation who I was closest to and so it was really nice catching up with her. It was pretty funny cuz the first thing we said to each other was how we couldn’t believe we already have 3 months in the mission (my monthaversary is every 18th of the month, fyi). So yeah, we were freaking out together, haha.
That was pretty much the only exciting thing that happened this week. Things are still the same – work, work, work. Are investigators are still not coming to church – argggh!!! – and my companion wants to drop the Vicuña family, which I really don’t want to do. They’re the ones who were investigating 26 years ago and they haven’t been able to come cuz of their jobs and so my companion is tired of them. It’s been a little frustrating cuz it’s obvious she gives preferances to some of our investigators over others and I don’t really like that. Like, she focuses on two and all the rest she doesn’t really pay attention to. But I’m gonna see how this week goes since next week is transfers, and if it turns out that she leaves and I stay, then I’m gonna work really hard with all of those other investigators, especially the Vicuñas. However, if she stays and I go, then I’m gonna feel bad because I’m pretty sure she’s gonna drop them and I don’t want that to happen. But I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what the Lord has in plan.
And yeah, that’s pretty much it for this week. I’m super glad you’re all doing well and that things are going good. It’s so crazy that Lila and Isaac are almost done with school! And that JD is starting to learn stick shift, haha. I can just imagine how much he’s freaking out, especially driving in Bogota. Definitely want to hear how that’s coming along, haha.
As for my camera – I haven’t had a chance to buy one yet! Today my companion didn’t want to do anything and when we went to Walmart, she was like ‘You have 5 minutes’ and so I was just like, whatever I’ll buy it next week. I did buy a watch though, cuz that’s easier to pick out than a camera. Anyway, hopefully next P-Day she’ll give me more time to look for one.
So yeah! That’s it folks.
Hna. Sanabria

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