Week 4!!!

March 31, 2014


Okay, so this week was pretty good although no baptisms. Tuesday was supposed to be a regular district meeting, but we got a call at 7 AM telling us to repondrt to this chapel that’s somewhere out of our area. Turns out that Presidente called for a last minute zone training conference thing. Instead of the 2 hours we had planned to spend, we ended up being there for 4! But those four hours were awesome! Like I told you guys last week, Presidente is amazing. Duro, but amazing. Ooof, he was really hard and blunt with us but it was also super helpful and really helped me understand the seriousness of my calling and the purpose of why we’re here – to save souls. He pretty much called of us out for not having enough faith, which was totally true and necessary. It was pretty intense but since Presidente is pretty hilarious, it all balanced out. 🙂
Wednesday was a super good day for Hna. Aguilar and I. We’ve been teaching this woman and two of her daughters since I first arrived, but when we arrived Wednesday morning to their home, we found the whole family there having breakfast – which was just the opportunity we needed. I was so surprised when the dad joined us because before he was completely uninterested in us teaching him (he allowed his partner- they’re not married, unfortunately, but we’re working on that – and daughters to listen) but this morning he was participating and stayed around for the whole lesson! The two younger kids, Jorge who’s 11 and Elvira who’s 13, also usually come in and out but this time they were super interested and focus. It was a huge miracle for us! Unfortunately, right when we were going to commit them to baptisim, the sister of Rosa (the mom) who’s hardcore catholic walked in and started asking a bunch of questions that pretty much felt like a passive-aggresive argument. We were only able to get through half of the Restoration, but they’re still interested so that’s good! When we stopped by Saturday, Rosa was asking us about the Book of Mormon and told us how the night before, she was reading the Bible and looked over and saw her husband/partner thing (Juan) reading the Book of Mormon! So we got to finish the second half of the Restoration with her and she was really emotional during the lesson, so I’m taking that as a good sign. The Lopez family is really progressing and we’re hoping to commit them all to baptism dates by the end of this week!
On Thursday, we stopped by the Lopez home again, but only found their oldest daughter Lupita (who’s 20), which was good because the only time she really pays attention to our lessons is when it’s one on one, and not with the whole family. When there are other people, she tends to hide behind them. But it was pretty funny because we arrived like half an hour before she had to go to catacismo? (the class catholics have to go to while preparing for their first communion) and she showed us her little booklet thing that she was studying and how she had all these questions and how she gets confused. So we started to teach her the rest of the Retsoration and I don’t know how, but when we started to talk about the first vision, wow. The spirit was so strong! But it’s crazy because there were so many outside distractions going on – the radio blasting, drunken neighbors talking super loud, kids running in and out. Yet all of those noises seemed to drown out and it was like we were in our own little bubble, with the Spirit protecting us from the ‘world’. It was just… wow.
So yeah! We also found three new investigators on the street which is good news. I do have some bad news, by the way…..
the camera broke! 😦 I turned it on this morning (after being in its case all week) and the screen was flashing white with black spots and just yeah. Hence the no pictures. Sad day, I know. 😦 I don’t know what I’m going to do for the next 17 months. But other than that, it’s been a good week! P-Day was pretty chill, considering it’s the end of the month so we’re all broke, hahaha. But we still had a good time.
Oh, something I forgot last week. So when I was at immigration, I met this Colombian missionary – Elder Flores. He spoke English and when he found out that I was Colombiana, he got super excited (there’s only two other Colombians in our mission, him and Elder Rosero, who’s from Cali and one of the elders I share the area with). We talked a lot and he’s from this town right outside of Bogota but all his extended family is in Bogota and his uncle is in charge of the church education system of Colombia (like pathway and stuff). Anyway, he told me to ask you guys if you know the familia Amaya. So yeah. He’s a super fun guy and another new friend I made!
I’m glad you’re all doing well!  My Spanish is coming along – everyone here says that I speak excellent Spanish. I still have trouble understanding those who speak super fast (like the translators during conference) and my vocabulary/grammar still isn’t 100%, but it’s definitely way better than when I left.
Love you all!!!!!

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