Week 5!!!

April 7, 2014


Hola familia!!

Okay, so not much really happened this week. Conference was super awesome! I got to watch three of the four sessions in English – only Sunday morning I had to watch in Spanish, but I’m gonna download them to hear them during the week, so it’s all good. I really loved Saturday morning, mainly because prior to it I had written down a bunch of questions and just stuff in general that I’ve been struggling with or wanting help with. And then, every single one of those questions was answered in each of the talks! But the most amazing part, was that all the answers came in the same order that I wrote down the questions. Yeah, it was pretty awesome. Elder Holland’s talk in particular really helped motivate me even more and I also loved President Eyring’s message. Aaaah, everything was just so amazing.


Oh, so something really cool that happened this week. On Friday evening, this elderly brother in our ward called us telling us that he had made an appointment for us to visit with a neighbor of his for Sunday night. After the last session of conference, we took a bus and headed over to meet his neighbors (which was a husband and wife, so familia completa!) with him and his wife. We got there and started talking to the wife because the husband wasn’t home from work yet, and what do you know. That family had actually been investigating the church earlier and even had a baptism date! The reason they didn’t get baptized was because there wasn’t any water in the church and then afterwards, the missionaries who had been teaching them transferred and they also moved to Queretaro (they were living in Veracruz) and then the contact was lost. This all happened 26 years ago! When we heard that me and my companion were absolutely stunned! This family had already accepted the gospel, but to moving and everything, they lost contact! Twenty six years later and Hermano Leal (the brother who set everything up) felt inspired to talk to them, while on a different bus than he usually takes, and invited them to meet with us. That was such a huge testimony builder for me of the fact that the Lord never forgets about his children. Hermano Leal is just awesome – he’s been really helping us out and super into missionary work. This elderly man of almost 70 years and with Parkinsons is such an inspiration for me. He and his wife are just awesome!


So yeah, that’s pretty much all that happened this week. For P-Day we went to the Arcos and took some pictures, then had lunch at Carl’s Jr. The elders were kind enough to send me the pictures they took which are the ones attached in this email – since the camera is broken and all. By the way, Dad I never got your email with the information about the money and all, so you may have to resend it.


I’m so glad you’re all doing well! I am so excited for baby Matias to come!! Please send me tons of pictures! And tell Diego that I’m so happy and excited for him also! And Lila, try not to stress out too much. You already got into BYU so just enjoy the rest of your senior year, okay? And tell Mama Lila that I love her and that I think about her every day too! Love you and hopefully I’ll be able to write next week. Transfers are next week and I have no idea what’s going to happen because Presidente likes to be unpredictable. But I’m gonna try super hard to write!



Hna. Sanabria


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