Week 6!!!

April 14, 2014

Okay, so first things first – HOLY COW I’M SO HAPPY FOR HOMERITO & HEATHER!!!! Matias is absolutely adorable! It’s so weird that Mito is a dad now, but a good kind of weird, of course! Ahhhhh, best news of the week! I hope to have plenty more pictures of my new second cousin!

As for things that are going on over here, well I finished my first ‘cambio’, or transfer. I’m staying in the same area with the same companion, but I finished my very first planner which is still crazy to think about. Pretty much my entire district is staying, except for Elder Gonzalez – the elder who arrived with me the same day and who I share an area with. I’m gonna miss him because he’s become a really good friend of mine, but that’s just missionary life for you. He’s going to the offices and his new trainer will be the executive secretary. It’s crazy because his companion, Elder Rosero (the Colombiano) has been in this area for 6 months and we were all sure that he was going to be the one to go. But that’s the thing with Presidente – he’s completely unpredictable. As for my zone, only one of my zone leaders is transfering – the Argentenian that nobody liked (he’s a little pesado, but I was okay with him). Elder Williams (the one who has a blog that I was reading before I came out) is staying and our other zone leader will be Elder Brown – a gringo! We’re also getting two possibly three, gringos – which I’m super stoked about because finally I’m not going to be the only one (besides Elder Williams). One of them is Hermana Womack, who is from my same generation. She goes to BYU-I and the one I talked to the most. Although, she’s been having trouble learning Spanish so she’s prohibited from speaking English. But I don’t care, because it’ll be nice to have a familiar face around. So yeah, that’s pretty much it as far as cambios go.
The only really remarkable thing that happened this week was when we had our lesson with the Vicuña family – the investigators who had a baptism date 26 years ago. Anyway, we arrived to their home on Wednesday only expecting to teach the mom and dad. However, when we asked if there was anyone else in the home who could hear our message, they were like “sure, let me call my family”, and boom! Before we know it, not only are we teaching like 8 people and a bunch of little kids, but we also have 7 new baptisms (only one of the daughter in laws didn’t accept because she’s still not too sure). But yeah, that was pretty amazing.
Oh, and I contacted my first bus this week! As in, I stood in front of a whole bus and began talking about the church and how we were missionaries and that if anyone was interested to raise their hand – that kind of stuff. It was pretty nervewracking at first, but after the second time I did it, I actually prefer it more to our regular bus contacting – which is when you contact the person you sit next to. I like this way better because I don’t have to worry about starting a conversation and it’s way less awkward. So yeah, that’s pretty fun.
And that’s pretty much it for this week. That’s so sad about what’s going on in Valparaiso and I’ll be praying for all of our family and the people there. I’m glad Isaac had a good time at All County and I’m sure if he goes to the band camp at FSC, he’ll love it. Tell Mama Lila that I always think of her too and I can’t believe she’s a great grandma now!
Love yooooooooooooooou!
Hna Sanabria

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