Week 8 (I think?)

April 28, 2014

No baptisms this week, but we found a bunch of new solid investigators! And they’re all complete families! All of the kids in those families are under the baptism age, but that’s okay because then they’ll be ‘niños escritos’ (I don’t know what the term is in English) and a year from now, they can be sealed. My companion and I were pretty excited when we found out we have a lot of families in our teaching pool. Anyway, so that’s pretty much all that’s going on over here. Saturday was ‘el dia de los niños’ and so the primary had an activity at the church and we went to help set up and decorate (and also for the free food) and it was really fun. They brought inflatable pools for the kids to swim in and all four of us watched with jealousy as they splashed around – especially because that day was extra sunny and hot. But that’s okay because we got free ice cream, so it all balanced out.

I’m glad everyone is doing well back home! And that is AWESOME about Lila and how she’s sharing the gospel with her teachers and friends. I can’t believe Stephanie Youhouse is going to get baptized! That’s so crazy, though not as crazy as when I found out Austin Butler got baptized, haha. It’s a good crazy though. And that’s so cool that she got her teacher (I’m assuming that it’s either her AP Psych or Literature teacher?) into FamilySearch. Family history is such a great missionary tool, but we haven’t been able to really use it here yet. Mainly our recent converts have been the ones who have been asking about it, but that’s good too because it gets them motivated to go the temple!
That’s so weird that Lila and Isaac are already almost done with their school year – and that Lila is graduating! Next month, right? Ahhh, so weird. And that JD is already on his last semester of Pathway?! Didn’t he just start? Hahaha, anyway you guys already know my advice on whether or not he should go to Rexburg or be online. REXBURG ALL THE WAY! And don’t worry Mom, the Spirit there is super strong and with the temple just a 15 minute walk away – he’ll be fine.
Anyway, that’s it for this week. No pictures cuz the elders are terrible about remembering to send the pictures to everyone, haha. But hopefully next week I’ll be able to send some. Good luck to Isaac and Lila with their AP exams and Daddy with work and Mommy with all her motherly and Relief Society duties and JD with Pathway.
Loooooooooooooooooove you!
Hna. Sanabria

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