Week 9 + Splits!

May 5, 2014


Okay, so this week was pretty much the same as always except this past Saturday we had splits (divisiones). It was pretty crazy because I ended up going to the Arcos area with Hna. Nielson, my sister training leader who only has 3 weeks in the field. I have no idea what Presidente was thinking putting two junior missionaries together, but we managed to make things work. And I actually really loved Saturday. For once I finally felt like I was in an equal companionship and it was just an amazing day. It was funny cuz when we arrived Friday night, we did everything in Spanish. But by the time we finished planning we were like, ‘Can we speak English now?” and we talked in English for the rest of our time together, haha. Hna. Nielson is from Utah but her mom is from El Salvador. She’s really cool and she really helped me a lot this weekend, especially with how I can fix things with my companion. As you guys know, it’s been a little tough for me but finally last night we worked everything out and so we’re just gonna focus on moving forward. But yeah, I learned so much and it really helped motivate me to keep on going. And that’s pretty much it for my week. We had a training fireside last night with Presidente Mejorada and all of the ward mission leaders and ward missionaries. It was awesome because it’s been pretty hard trying to work with the members but now I think things are finally gonna get moving.
By the way, Mother’s Day is this Saturday (here in Mexico) and I get to call you guys! Presidente gave me permission to do a three-way Skype call so that I can talk to Lila and Isaac, too. We’re going to be talking sometime between 2-3PM on Saturday and we only get 30 minutes, unfortunately. But yeah, I AM SO EXCITED TO SEE AND SPEAK TO YOU GUYS! I don’t know yet if I’m gonna be using the Lancy’s (they’re the family we’re eating lunch with that day and who’s going to lend us their computers to call you) Skype account or mine yet, but be online this Saturday at 2PM so that we can work everything out.
So yeah! Try and get everything arranged before hand so that we can use all 30 minutes talking. 🙂
And Mom and Lila, don’t forget about updating the blog! I need you guys to update the page where I have all my friends serving missions, because Grace finally got her call!!!! She’s going to the Bahia Blanca, Argentina mission!!!! I’m super super excited for her!!!!!
And yeah, that’s it for now.
Hna. Sanabria

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