Week 15 + Interviews!!!

June 16, 2014

So good news first – I finally bought a camera!!! I got it this morning at Walmart so I haven’t really taken any pictures yet, but next week there will be plenty. So yeah, I’m sure Mom is super happy about that.

As far as the work goes, we’ve been focusing a lot on trying to find new investigators. It’s been a little frustrating because all of the investigators that we had in teaching dropped because they haven’t been progressing. Not only do they not come to church, but we haven’t been able to find them in their houses either. But thankfully we recieved a lot of referrals this week (15 – the most I’ve ever got in one week in my whole mission), so we’re praying that we’re going to have a bunch of new investigators soon. My area has improved a lot since when I first got here – the members are getting more involved and motivated, and they’re really starting to focus more on ‘la obra misional’. We still got a ways to go with them, but things really are starting to pick up.
On Tuesday we had another zone council and it was amazing. It was pretty much all focused on the Atonement and holy cow – spirtitual overload. We started it off singing ‘The Lord is My light’ and then my zone leader goes and asks all of us to think about how Christ is personally our light. So for like 15 minutes we were all sitting there, pondering about our personal relationship with Jesus. And wow. It was both super amazing but at the same time, a bit of a guilt trip because we all came to the conclusion that we really didn’t know Christ as well as we should. So we put a goal as a zone to focus on the Atonement this week in our studies and apply it to us personally, and yeah. It has really made a HUGE difference. I was super thankful towards my zone leaders that day because you could really tell that they had put a lot of prayer and thought into their lesson. We had to take like a 10 minute break after that, before going onto all of the ‘technical’ stuff (like goals, rules, questions, etc), because everyone was teary-eyed and no one wanted to interrupt the reverent Spirit that was there. It was almost temple-level reverance. Yeah, it was awesome.
And I feel like I’ve really learned a lot about the Atonement this week, both on an intellectual and spiritual level. I almost finished all of Jesus the Christ (I have 10 chapters left) which has helped a lot, but also just thinking personally on how the Atonement has applied in my life. Like all of the dumb things I did or my disobedience, and seeing how all of that has been forgiven because of Him. It’s just like this huge feeling of peace and yeah. It’s pretty amazing.
Though the highlight of my week has to be when we had interviews with Presidente. As you all know, I love hearing my mission president speak. However, it’s so much more awesome when it’s on a personal, one to one level. The first thing he asked me when I entered his office was how my relationship was going with my companion. I was like, it’s going great (and it is, because Hna Kitchen is pretty awesome). He then asks me ‘How about with Hna. Aguilar’ and I was like ‘Yeah, that didn’t go so great’. And he chuckled at my directness, and then he started talking to me about how he had always been aware of my struggles. Which surprised me, because I really didn’t think he knew about how tough it was being with my trainer, since I did my best not to ever mentioned it. But he had known all along and when he began to talk to me about he was aware of my suffering (that’s how he phrased it), I just got really emotional. Because it was true, my first three months were pretty much the hardest months of my life and mainly because of my trainer. And for the longest time I felt like it was all my fault that our relationship wasn’t well. That I was the prideful one and that every time something went wrong, it was because I wasn’t good enough. And there was a moment during those 3 months where I honestly felt like I couldn’t do anything right, that I was an awful missionary.
However, when Presidente began to explain to me how he knew I had suffered a lot but how he put me with her for two transfers because that was what the Lord had directed him, I felt a lot of peace. And it’s true, I learned a lot from those 3 months. I learned to rely completely on the Lord and it really helped me strengthen my testimony. It also really helped me regain my confidence. And then he began to talk about how he knew that I had a lot of potential. That I was a really sweet person but I also had a spirit that was ‘inmenso’. That I had the ability to impart confidence to those around me. And it was amazing, because afterwards he explained that everything he had just said, came to him from the Spirit and it’s true. Everything he said were things that sounded practically identical to my Patriarichal blessing and I know that the only way he could have known those things, were if was in tune with the Spirit. And yeah. That interview was just a huge testimony builder for me – not only of the authority of my mission president and how he truly is someone called of God, but also in the love that Heavenly Father has for me. That He truly knows me personally – He knows all of my strengths and weaknesses. He is aware of my needs and my problems, and he only wants the best for me. And even though it may not be what I want, I’ve come to realize that Heavenly Father truly does know best.
I heard that part of the process the apostles make in assigning someone to a certain mission, is that they also take into consideration who the mission president is. And I know that Heavenly Father sent me here to Queretaro because this is the best mission for me to truly reach my potential. All of the experiences I’ve had here – both good and bad – have been in order to help me become the person Heavenly Father wants me to be. And it’s amazing.
And yeah, I know this church is true and that Jesus is the Christ. That he is my Savior. And there’s nothing more amazing than to have that perfect knowledge that I am a child of God, and that he knows me personally and by name.
I’m so glad you’re all doing well and I promise next week I’ll write back to Isaac better because I’m out of time, but yeah. Love you!
Hna. Sanabria

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