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Week 51 + Divisions!

February 23, 2015 


So this week I left my area and spent it in Leon with my Sister Training Leader, Hermana Green. I was there pretty much the whole week and even though I missed working in my area, I learned so much! Before every companion exchange, we put together goals that we want to accomplish during the divisions, and some of the goals we had put were to increase our spirituality, strengthen our faith, and find more people to teach. And I’m so happy to say that each of these goals were met! I learned so much about myself and what I can do to improve as a missionary and also as a person. If ya’ll want to see a true example of how faith works, I highly reccommend that ya’ll read all of the book of Enos – it kinda changed my life. Which is funny considering I’ve read it a million times before, but this time was different. That saying about how it doesn’t matter how many times you read the Book of Mormon, you’ll always find something new? Yeah, it’s 100% true.
My favorite part about Enos though, was when he prays for the Lamanites, that one day these records (aka: the Book of Mormon) will be brought unto them and that they may accept the Gospel. It’s kind of amazing and also very humbling, to know that I play a role in the answer of Enos’s prayer. That I am helping bring these records to as many lamanite descendants that I can, because we all know that the hispanics are descendants of the Lamanites –  specifically the Mexicans. Seriously, when I read and understood that, I got chills.
So yeah. You can say I had a pretty enlightening week. But what was super awesome was that when I came back to my area on Saturday, my companion told me that she and our other sister training leader, had found 3 new families to teach! Miracles are happening here in Lagos and I know that the Lord has so many more in store!
And well, that’s all I got for this week! Interviews with Presidente are on Saturday, which I’m also super stoked for. I always come out of those with a ton of personal revelation, so I’m sure next week I’ll have plenty more to say!
Hermana Sanabria

Week 50 + Zone Council!

February 16, 2015


The Leon East Zone!
So Tuesday we had zone council and it was another good one! As ya’ll miht have noticed, last transfer was kind of emphasized a ton on obedience. I mean, after that council where we analyzed 1 Samuel 15, I think it was pretty obvious that there was quite a lot of repenting to do in the mission. Of course, it’s also realy sad. Luckily, my ast two areas have been ones where we’re isolated from the rest of the mission, so we don’t really know or see much of all the disobedience going on. Though all this talk about repenting and obeying wasn’t much of a surprise to me. Every week in our mission bulletin, Presidente has been adding new rules and obviously there’s a reason behind each one. The list has gotten so long though, that last Monday my companion and I joked about how before we’d know it, it’s gonna be like the Law of Moses – where we’re going to have to start counting the number of steps we take and what not. And ironically enough, the Law of Moses turned out to be the first thing we discussed in zone council.
So in the last few councils, we’ve been doing a lot of readings from the Old Testament – or in other words, we’ve been studying a lot about what it means to live the Law of Moses. The Law of Moses is pretty much ‘obedience or punishment’; it’s all about actions and exactness. And the reason it was like that, was because the people still weren’t spiritually mature enouh to live any other way. Something that Presidente’s mentioned a lot recently, is how he hates makin rules but how he has to give us so many because we still don’t know how to govern ourselves. And so even though we meant it as a joke, I think my companion and I may have had a point. We as a mission have been currently living the Law of Moses because we still weren’t spiritually mature enough.
However, as we know, the Law of Moses was also a preparation for when Christ would come and establish His higher law. And I think that that may be why Presidente has been so strict these last few transfers – he’s been helping us prepare to live the Higher Law. And well, that’s exacty what we ended up talking about on Tuesday.
The majority of our zone council lwas spent reading and analyzing Matthew 5, the Sermon on the Mount. Specifically the part where Christ replaces the law of Moses with His own. Before the mission, I never really understood all of this stuff very well, but after this zone council, it’s been made so much clearer. My zone leaders explained that in the law of Moses, they had to give sacrifices and that their offering was an animal – it could’ve been a lamb, goat, dove, whatever. However, the Higher Law or the Law of Christ, the ‘animal’ we bring to the alter, is the animal within ourselves, or the natural man. We could also say that we bring to the alter, a broken heart and a contrite spirit.
That’s something else that was made clearer to me. That the Higher Law never took away the Law of Moses, but rather added to it. As we see in the example, both had to sacrifice an offering – one was just greater than the other. And that’s exacty what the Higher Law is – greater; it’s MORE not less. When we learn to live the Law of Moses – which in other words means, when we learn to be obedient, we demonstrate to the Lord that we have matured enouh spiritually and are ready to progress. We’re able to have the Spirit with us which later helps us to discern and make the right decisions.
It’s like with the 10 Commandments – when Jesus said that the 2 greatest commandments were to love the Lord and love our neighbor, he didn’t say that we now didn’t have to keep the 10 Commandments. In fact, if you think about it, the ten commandments help us to live the two greater ones. They both interrelate and depend on each other – one is just the ‘beginners level’ and the other advanced. Because when it comes down to it, obedience isn’t the end. It’s where we need to start and it’s the way to get to Christ, who is the end.
And so I think we as a mission have finaly been able to advance, which is awesome. I’m really excited about how we’re progressin and I know that if we keep moving in this direction, we’re going to start seeing a lot of miracles soon. Now is the time TO BE, not don. We’ve learned how to be obedient, so now it’s time we srtart governing ourseves and alowing ourselves to be led by the Spirit so that these miracles can start happening.
And yeah! Ton of stuff I learned this week, I know. But that’s just one of the many awesome parts about being a missionary. Anyway, my time’s up but I hope you all have an awesome week!
Hna Sanabria

Week 49 + Disfruta La Vida, No Consumas Drogas

February 9, 2015


Well, week one of this new transfer kind of felt like an eternity. But in a good way, though. We just managed to get A LOT done and it was kind of awesome. We’ve been contacting like crazy and we found three new investigators this week that we’re really praying will progress. Hermana Arias is pretty great as a companion. Her last area was Tejeda – my first area – and so she’s been catching me up on everyone there and I found out that my first two converts, Israel and Rocio, are preparing for their sealing next month! I think that’s been my favorite part about this week. Seriously, nothing makes me happier than knowing that the people I was able to teach and see baptized are remaing strong and faithful to the Gospel.
Our companionship is kinda funny, because for some reason, Presidente has assigned us both as senior companions. The exact words from our district leaders were that I will ‘direct’ the area, while my companion ‘presides’ over it. What that means, we have no idea. So the first few days were a little confusing on what to do, but I think we finally figured it all out. It’s been fun though, and Hna Arias is a really hard worker, so we’re both super excited for this transfer. I’ve got a really good feeling that we’re going to start seeing some miracles here in Lagos, soon. So yeah, I’m totally stoked for that.
Anyway, there isn’t really much else to say for this week. Tomorrow we’ve got zone council and so we’re gonna travel to Leon tonight and so I’m sure next week, I’ll have a lot more to share. And yeah! That’s kind of it!
Hermana Sanabria
And now for some pictures from transfers last Tuesday.
The sisters of Leon! Well half of us at least. The other half had transfers and were on their way to Queretaro when we took this picture.
feb9 (1)
With Elder Kershaw (my former district leader) and Elder Flores, a random elder in the zone. And yes I’m aware that my outfit does not match. I had to get up at 4 AM and there was only one lightbulb in the entire house. So yeah.
feb9 (2)
Just a little life advice from a bag of Mexican cheese puffs I bought the other day.

Week 48 + Transfers!

February 2, 2015 


So unfortunately, I don’t have much time to write this week because my companion has transfers and we have to travel early tonight. But I just want to let ya’ll know that I’m okay and that I will be staying here in Lagos. My new companion is Hermana Arias, though there are two here in the mission so I’m not really sure which one it is. So I guess next week will have more details. But here’s a picture of my district on our last Sunday. My district leader is Elder Kershaw from SLC (though he’s getting transfered to Queretaro) and his companion is Elder Romero from here in Mexico. And yeah! That’s kind of it for this week!



Hermana Sanabria

Week 47 + Tri-Zone Conference!!!!

January 26, 2015



Here’s a little more Mexican scenery for you guys. I think this is in Leon, but I’m not really sure considering I snapped this on the bus.

jan26 (1)

The sisters of the Leon and Guanajuato zones (we’re actually missing two companionships, but we didn’t have much time to get a picture of them, so this will have to do).
Anyway, this week was another revelation-filled week. Like I expected, Zone Conference with Presidente on Friday was kinda stinkin amazing. Seriously, I don’t think I will ever get bored of hearing that man speak. Which is kind of a good thing, considering he went major overtime and we ended up sitting there for a total of 6 hours (instead of the original four). But it’s crazy because we didn’t even feel the time pass!
Unfortunately, I forgot my notebook at home so I can’t write all of the cool awesome things I learned that I wanted to. What I do remember though, is that there was a LOT of talk about having a prayer in one’s heart. I think that took up like, half of the conference. Presidente spoke a lot about how having a prayer in your heart ALWAYS is the key to being obedient. That a missionary who constantly has a prayer in their heart is a missionary that knows why they’re out on the mission.
Before the zone conference, my companion and I made some goals on what we would like to learn and apply, and one of them was keeping focus. I had been thinking a lot about my previous transfers and also the kind of RM I would like to be, and I just really want to make sure that I spend this last third of my mission doing everything I possibly can to serve the Lord. That I can  stay strong and finish strong and be able to say that I truly did my best. And so Presidente’s training on a prayer in your heart really helped me realize what I needed to do in order to ensure I fulfilled my goals. He also spent a good portion talking about how we missionaries, are the ‘name tag’ of the church and we listed a ton of qualities that people expect missionaries to have. The list was really long but it helped me see what were the things I was accomplishing and also the things I needed to work on. And I dunno, it was just really nice to have a better idea of how I can improve.
Seriously, personal revelation is kind of the best.
And yeah! It stinks that I don’t have much more time to write but I hope you’re all doing well and have an amazing week!
Hermana Sanabria
And now some pictures…
jan26 (2)
I found this lemon the size of my face. It’s kind of amazing, isn’t it?
jan26 (3)
And this less-active member got this new puppy who is kind of the most adorable thing in the world. So I just had to get a picture with it.

Week 46 + Zone Council!!!

January 19, 2015



A little bit of Mexican scenery for ya.

So this week we had zone council in Leon, and holy cow. It looks like Presidente is calling another mission-wide repentence. The whole theme of our zone council was obedience and man. Revelation overload.
To start off, Presidente had asked everyone to come to the council fasting –  the first time he’s ever asked us to do so. That right there just really helped with the whole spirituality of the council. We then spent the next 2 hours reading and analyzing 1 Samuel 15 and yeah. That was intense. In the case that you’re not familiar with this chapter this chapter is talking about King Saul and how he was commanded to destroy all of the Amalakites. We all took turns reading each verse and every now and then the zone leaders would stop and ask us to put ourselves in Saul’s place. I think we took the whole ‘likening the scriptures to ourselves’ thing to a whole new level.
It was kind of amazing though, comparing this story with us in the mission right now. Saul’s mission was to destroy the Amaliktes because they were super wicked and were constantly trying to destroy the people of God. But the thing was, that they had to kill EVERYTHING. Children, babies, women, even the animals! Like, what the heck do the animals have to do with anything? But that was the commandment of the Lord. Saul however, when he got there, killed everything but the ‘fattest’ of the animals, because he thought that he could sacrifice them as an offering to the Lord. He also spared Agag, their leader.
After he supposedly ‘completes’ his mission, Samuel the prophet receives revelation in verses 10-11. And this is when things started to get intense. When we read these verses, our zone leaders asked all of us to put ourselves in Saul’s place and then read it aloud. So in other words this is what I read:

Then came the word of the Lord unto Presidente Mejorada, saying,

 11 It repenteth me that I have set up Sister Sanabria to be senior companion: for she is turned back from following me, and hath not performed my commandments. And it grieved Presidente Mejorada; and he cried unto the Lord all night.

Yeah, that hit me like a ton of bricks. I think we all came out of that zone council a little more humble than when we walked in.
Anyway, we then went on to discuss how Saul kept trying to justify his disobedience by saying that the reason he didn’t kill everything, like he was supposed to, was because he wanted to give an ‘offering’ to the Lord. But the prophet Samuel teaches us that OBEDIENCE is more important than whatever sacrifice we could give. In fact, obedience is the best offering we could give to the Lord. And so when Saul finally realizes his big mistake, he immediately starts repenting because he knows that he could lose his kingship because of this. But he repented too late and now he has to live with the consequence that someone better (King David) is going to replace him.
We then went on to discuss how for most missionaries, serving a mission is a sacrifice (it’s our ‘offering’) and we think with just leaving to go on a mission, that’s enough for the Lord. But in reality, the Lord doesn’t just want us to serve the mission (he doesn’t just want the offering) but that we’re obedient while we do so.
Moral of the story: Just be obedient.
The zone leaders also talked a lot about what it really means to be a successful missionary. That just because a missionary is baptizing, that doesn’t mean he’s successful. Especially if that missionary is being disobedient while doing so. A succesfful missionary is someone who is obedient and gives their all to the work. The baptisms will come if the Lord wants them to. So for now, we should just be doing everything in our power to be as obedient as possible and working as hard as we can. The fruits will come in their own due time.
All of this was just really awesome for me, because the week prior, I had been really struggling with what to do with my area. It’s pretty tough here and we’ve been trying to find new investigators for weeks but nothing. So as I prayed and fasted over what it was that I could do, this council came in at exactly the right time. I realize now, that even though I’m not disobedient, I can always be better. That there is always something to improve. And it was just a huge comfort and stress-reliever to me because now I know that so long as I’m obedient and doing everything I can, I’m a ‘successful missionary’.
One of the other sisters in my zone shared with me something that Presidente said a while ago. That the sign of a ‘successful missionary’ is that when they come home for the night, they’re happy. They’re content because they know they did everything they could that day. When we come home disappointed it’s because we know we could have done more.
And yeah. You can say I had a pretty enlightening week. And this week it’s gonna be even better, because we’re having zone conference with Presidente. And once again, he’s asking us to come fasting. So I’m pretty sure I’ll be having another ‘spiritual overload’ this weekend.
So yeah! Hope you’re all doing well and have an awesome week!
Hermana Sanabria
Picture time!
jan19 (1)
Two weeks ago (the 6 of January) was ‘Dia de los Reyes’, and to celebrate it we bought a ‘Rosca de Reyes’ because we saw everyone walking home with one and we wanted to try it. It was pretty delicious.
jan19 (2)
here’s this brother in my ward who served in the Culiacan Mission and he was showing us his mission stuff, and just guess who I found?

Week 44 + First Letter of 2015!!!

January 5, 2015


Good news first: PICTURES!!!!
​Here’s one of me in front of this really cool looking church here in Lagos.
Turned out that my memory had a virus – that’s the problem with using public computers unfortunately –  but they’re all good now so get ready for A TON of pictures. (But most likely for next week because I don’t have much time today).
Anyway, this week has been pretty interesting. Thankfully the holidays have ended, so the streets are once again busy and everything’s back to normal. Since we kinda lost a few days to the holidays, we’ve been making up for it by contacting the people like crazy. We even went tracting for a bit and we ended up finding like 6 different people or families who said to come back. So we’re hoping and praying that we can have some new investigators to add to our teaching pool this week.
Also, so each week Presidente assigns us chapters to read from Preach My Gospel. And for this week, he’s having us read it from the beginning. Well, in the introduction I came across this part where it was talking about the Study Journal. And there’s a part that says how we should go over our journals to remember the experiences that we’ve had, understand certain concepts better, and to also recognize our progress. So when I read that, I realized I should probably do that. Because I’ve been pretty good about writing in my journal (I’ve finished 3 now in the mission and currently working on the fourth!) but going back and rereading it? Yeah, that’s never happened.
So when I came across this section during my personal study, I began to take a few minutes each day to go over every single journal.
And holy cow. It’s kind of amazing how much has changed in just 11 short months. I’m still not over how much I have grown personally and it really was an awesome experience, seeing all of the progress I made. I think the best part was, after going back and reflecting on all of the spiritual experiences I lived and remembering all of the amazing lessons I learned, how I realized that I literally can not be doing something better for my life right now, than serving this mission to the Lord. Re-reading my journals has helped me discover that each day, I am becoming closer to the person that Heavenly Father wants me to be. Still got a ways to go, of course, but it’s just really comforting to know that I’m on the right path. 2014 was definitely a good year for me and I know that it’s all thanks to my mission. Seriously, I can’t even imagine what my life would be like without it and I’m just so super thankful to be a missionary.
Yeah, you can say I had a pretty enlightening week. Anyway, unfortunately I’m out of time but hope you all have an awesome week!
Hna Sanabria
And now a picture of me making some tamales by hand on Christmas Eve. Yeah, it was kind of an awesome way to spend Christmas. And don’t worry Mom – totes grabbed the recipe so I can make some for ya’ll when I get home.
jan5 (1)

Week 43 + Happy New Year!!!!

December 19, 2014


So yet again, no pictures. Sorry but apparently the computers here in Lagos do not like my pictuers. Lame.

Anyway, I hope ya’ll had an awesome Christmas! We had a pretty low-key one here. This one family invited us for both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and oh my gosh, the food was so good. Then they got us presents which I totally was not expecting. Super sweet of them. The only downfall to Christmas was that absolutely no one was home. And the people who were, didn’t really want to listen to us while they were partying with their families. But we gave it our effort and that’s what counts. And yeah! There’s really not much else to say for this letter…

I still can’t believe that 2015 starts this week. The time has been going by waaaaaayyyy too fast! Presidente invited us to share with all of you guys our New Years Resolutions, but I’m still kind of working on them. I think number one should be stop procrastinating, hahaha. But a few that I’ve been thinking about are that I really want to study a chapter of the Bible a day. I found this little old testament study calander thing in the Friend and I’m totally gonna use it this year. I also want to try and read the Book of Mormon three times this year. I did the math and if you read 5 pages a day, you can be done in like 4 months. So it’s totally possible! And yeah! Next week I will definitely have more goals to share (and also pictures but no promises there) but I hope you all have a super happy new year!

Hermana Sanabria


Week 42 + FELIZ NAVIDAD!!!!

December 22, 2014



So, this computer I’m on doesn’t want to upload my new pictures, so you’re just going to have to deal with this picture of my house in San Miguel all decked out for the holidays. It’s a shame that I ended up moving a week after I finished decorating it all. But that’s just mission life for ya.

Anyway, this week has been an interesting one. Lagos de Moreno is a lot like San Miguel – excpet minus all of the tourists. Oh, it’s also like a million times hotter. Definitely getting that tan back. But so far I like it. The only thing is that it is SUPER Catholic. Like, they just now started letting missionaries back in because 20 years ago or something, the people kicked them all out. And this is the first year where there have been sister missionaries in this area, too. So that’s exciting. Also my companion still doesn’t know the area very well so the amount of times we’ve gotten lost this past week is kind of ridiculous. The good news is that we are now experts at reading a map. Just took us a few hundred tries to get it, haha.

As far as investigators go, we don’t really have any. They all got dropped right before I arrived, but that’s okay because right now we want to focus on building our relationship with the members. It’s a branch here so there aren’t that many, which means it’ll be a lot easier and faster to get to know them all. We’re hoping that by gaining their trust, we can recieve more referrals and therefore find new investigators. And if not, well we could at least have more members accompanying us for lessons. This area needs a lot of work but I’m really excited about it. A few months ago this area was booming, but it’s callmed down a bit. Good thing is that I know that it has the potential to grow again like it did during the summer and so we’re gonna work really hard that it can reach that point again.

There isn’t much else to say for this week. I gave a talk on Sunday – yeah, my district leader told me that I had a talk like two days before. But since I always write my talks the night before anyway, it wasn’t that big of a deal. Plus, it being the Sunday before Christmas, it was really easy picking out my topic. By the way,

Week 41 + TRANSFERS!!!!

December 15, 2014 


So last night we got the news of transfers and it looks like I’m leaving San Miguel! My new area is going to be Lagos de Moreno, which just so happens to be the farthest area of the whole mission. It’s in the state of Jalisco and like, 3 hours away from the mission office. That’s going to be a long bus ride tomorrow. But I’m excited because my companion is Hermana DeGraw, my neighbor for my first two transfers here in San Miguel. She’s super sweet and since we already know each other pretty well, we don’t have to worry about that whole ‘getting to know you’ stage and just get straight to work. So that’s good.
I’m just a little sad because they’re closing my area. But that’s because there are so many missionaries leaving and not enough coming in. So for the next few transfers, there are going to have some areas closed down and it just so happens that San Miguel is one of them. But the elders here are really good and I know they’ll take care of my investigators, which is really the only thing I’m worried about.
I’m still not really over the shock of all these changes (there were a ton in my zone) but I’ve just come to learn to expect the unexpected when it comes to Presidente. He truly is unpredictable as far as transfers go. Speaking of Presidente, we had our mission Christmas dinner with him last Wednesday and it was a blast! We didn’t do much except talk, eat, and take a ton of pictures!
The sisters in the zones of Celaya and Irapuato! This was after our gift exchange. And the Santa Clause? Yeah, that’d be one of the AP’s.
dec15 (1)
It’s not Christmas in Mexico without a piñata! The elders in my zone made one that looked like Presidente and surprised him with it. It was so much fun watching him, then Hermana Mejorada, and then their daughter Prisilla take turns beating it. Definitely the highlight of the party.
dec15 (2)
And one last picture of my generation! Well at the ones who are here in Celaya an Irapuato. It’s always so much fun getting to see everyone again.
And yeah! That’s kind of it for this week! I’m going to send more pictures to Mom to post on the blog, because I can’t fit anymore here. Anyway, I hope you all have an awesome week and I can’t wait to be able to talk to the family next week!
Hermana Sanabria