Week 21 + FSY!!!!

July 28, 2014

Okay, so unfortunately they changed the email time to 1 hour instead of an 1 1/2 and so I don’t have as much to write, but this week was pretty fun. All of the stakes here in Queretaro had an FSY (or EFY) and on Wednesday, they invited all of the missionaries that are serving in Queretaro and it was so much fun. It was so cool seeing all of my missionary friends again and also the activity was really good. They split us up per zone and then by companies, and we were assigned little groups to help the youth prepare a lesson from Preach My Gospel and then teach it, and it was so fun. But, since I just want to send tons of pictures this week I’ll give more details later.



First a picture of me with my birthday cake (it was sooooooo delicious) at the home of some recent converts.

july28 (1)

Me and Hna. Weatherhead with our District Leader Elder Lima.


My best friends here in the mission! That’s Hermana Nielson, she was my hermana capacitadora my 2nd transfer and she was the first person I did divisions with and we got super close. She’s from Utah and probably one of my favorite people ever. Then it’s Elder Acevedo, who I shared the area with in my 2nd transfer. He’s pretty much my ‘little brother’ in the mission. Then it’s Elder Gonzalez, who is from my generation and we shared the area my 1st transfer. He helped me a ton my first transfer so we’re really good friends. He’s also the executive secretary now and so we’re always teasing him for being all ‘high and mighty and forgetting us little people’ now, but he’s a good sport about it.

july28 (3)

july28 (4)

july28 (5)


And now a pícture of me and my district. I have to say, we’re one good looking district, haha. Also, we all think Elder Dreeson (the gringo on the end) looks like Russel Crowe, yeah?

july28 (7)


And now a picture of my zone from our activity today. We went to the stake center and watched The Emperor’s New Groove on the projector screen, and then we all went to this buffet afterwards and pigged out.

​And yeah! That’s about it for this week. Thank you for the pictures – you guys all look so great! And I’m glad you’ve been all able to get out and explore Colombia more before Isaac leaves. Next week I promise to send more pics now that I know I’ll only have an hour to write, so I can be more prepared.

Loooove you!!!
Hna. Sanabria!



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