Week 22 + The Stomach Flu

August 4, 2014

Okey dokey, so this week was a bit of a slow week for me, mainly because I got the stomach flu. And holy cow, it STINKS being sick as a missionary. I was on 5 different types of meds and it was awful. But thankfully I’m all better now, so no worries Mommy! The unfortunate part is that because I was kinda icky all week, I don’t have any pictures to send nor that many exciting experiences.

I do have a kind of funny-ish story though. So like on Thursday night, we were talking on the phone with our zone leader Elder Brown and he asked what was wrong with me and I was like ‘EVERYTHING!’ (seriously, EVERYTHING hurt. Like, my throat, head, stomach – evening peeing hurt). And I kind of whined to him for a bit, because I can just do that with him, and he was like ‘Alright Hermana, I have a scripture to cheer you up. Do you have your scriptures out?’ and I was like ‘Hold on a minute’, and I went to get my English scriptures and was like ‘Okay, I’m ready’. And at this moment I was kind of really excited because I was thinking ‘oh yay, a scripture to comfort me! how nice!’.
So Elder Brown then tells me to go to Mosiah 17:16 and to read it out loud to him. I get halfway through the verse, all super excited, when I realize what it’s talking about and shout out ‘You’re the worst, Elder!’ and he just starts cracking up. I was so excited to get a nice scripture and he just goes and crushes my dream. The poto. But it was actually pretty funny and I started laughing along with him after I  ‘regaño’ him for a bit. His excuse was that ‘laughter is the best kind of medicine’ and he knew that I’d appreciate the joke, and I did. I even ended up marking that verse in my scriptures because even though it was a little mean, it did it’s job of cheering me up.
So yeah, that was probably the highlight of my week. Sad, I know, but this week is gonna be way better – now that I’m officially all healed and off my meds. We also have a tri-zone conference tomorrow which I’m SUPER excited for and so next week will most likely be a longer letter. I’m so glad you guys all had a good time this week and that you’re doing well. Tell Mama Lila that I love her and give her tons of besitos and huggies for me. You guys can have some too, of course.
Also! So there’s this elder here in my mission who is from Ecuador and his dad is an associate of Dad’s, I think. His name is Elder Correa and he’s going home in November/Octoberish, and told me that if I wanted to send something to you guys, I can send it with him and he’l give it to his Dad to give/send it to dad. Soooooooooooo, is there anything you guys would like in particular from Mexico???
And that’s it! Love you and I wannna see tons more pictures next week and I promise to have more, too!

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