Week 23 + Tri Zone Conference!!!!!

August 11, 2014

Okey dokey so we had our Tri-Zone Conference last week and HOLY COW!!!!! So amazing. We talked a lot about true conversion and what it really means to be truly converted to the Gospel and wow. Spiritual overload. We read a lot in the New Testament about Peter and how he had a testimony, but wasn’t truly converted until after Christ resurrected because he denied Him 3 times and all that stuff. And so Presidente then goes and tells us how the way we deny Christ is through our behavior and that ‘Conversion comes through our ACTIONS’ and it is so true. We can testify and say we believe all we want, but the only way we can show the Lord that we are converted is by what we do with that testimony. He said a lot about how whenever we go to a zone conference or district meeting or even a general conference, a lot of people comment about how nice it was and that you could feel the Spirit, but then never do anything with the things they learned. He then told us how we should never come out of a conference the same person we came in, because that means that the council we received didn’t do it’s purpose. And he’s so true – that whenever we catch ourselves saying ‘Oh what a nice conference’ we should then stop and think about how we are going to apply the principles we learned in our lives and then do it. Ahhhhh, Presidente is just great.

Also, something else that we talked about was the story of when the Lord first called Peter to be an apostle and how they were fishing and then he tells them to cast the net on the other side and that’s when they started getting a ton of fish. From that we learned how when we do things the way the Lord tells us to, and not what we think is best, is when we get the blessings – and in abundance too! I invite you guys to really study those passages because they’re kind of amazing.
And yeah! I don’t have much time to write anything else so I’m just gonna attach some pictures from our zone activity today. We just all got together at the stake center and cooked a bunch of random things and ate them and hung out. It was pretty chill but fun, nonetheless.
My zone! We’re just missing one companionship but yeah. They’re all pretty great.
Cooking some hot dogs and bacon! That was my district’s contribution to the meal. Another district made plantains with black beans and the other fried ice cream and cake. It was a pretty delicious afternoon, haha.
And yeah! Love you all and hope you have a great week!
Hna Sanabria

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