Week 25 + The Best City In The World

August 25, 2014


Okay, so bad news. This computer does not want to upload any of my pictures. Like it says my memory card is empty which is weird cuz all of the files show up on my camera. So yeah, super frustrating cuz I have a TON of pictures to send. But hopefully next week I’ll figure things out.
Anyway, it turns out that I am in a trio!!! My zone leaders called me like at 11:30 last Monday night to tell me that my companion, Hermana Hernandez, was actually going to train this transfer. And since she’s leaving next transfer, that probably means that I’ll be finishing the training. But yeah, the third member of our little trio is Hermana Kelsch, who is from Salt Lake City Utah. And since Hna Hernandez knows like barley any English and Hermana Kelsh knows like barely any Spanish, I’ve kind of been playing the part of translator this last week (and probably for the rest of this transfer). It takes me twice as long now to tell storys cuz I have to do it in both languages, but it’s actually a lot of fun and I feel like this flipping back and forth is really helping me become ‘officially bilingual’.
Also, my area is pretty dang pretty. Well, ‘el centro’ at least. It’s super colorful and there’s tons of cool looking architecture and cathedrals and yeah. You guys would really like it here if you ever decide to come one day in the future. There are GRINGOS EVERYWHERE!!!! It’s tourist central here. Also, lots and lots of rich old white people. We’ve contacted a few Americans here and there, but the ones so far are just people with vacation homes here who are only around for like a month at a time. But yeah, I’ve been hearing a lot of English lately.
The food here isn’t like in Tejeda, but it’s still good. I’m trying not to miss my first area so much, but it’s kind of hard not to. Especially since I got to know all of the members so well and since I was there such a long time, it kind of felt like my ward. But that’s just another thing the mission teaches you – how to adjust and how to do it fast. I’m hoping that by halfway through this transfer, I’ll be able to meet all of the members and learn my area. That’s also something that I’m working on lately – learning all of the routes and streets and what not. I had Tejeda memorized like the back of my hand, but since that was a really big area and this one is much smaller, I think I’ll be able to get the hang of San Miguel pretty soon. They say that it’s the best city of the world, so I think that’s a pretty good sign.
And yeah! I’m so bummed that I can’t send any pictures, but I promise that I’m gonna get this all figured out soon. Because like I said, I have a TON of pictures to send. Oh and don’t worry, I got my birthday money from Mamita like two weeks ago – sorry I forgot to mention it. And I also got the package too. By the way, the next time you guys send me one, just send me like 5 packages of those fruity gummy rings things because my comps and I went through that bag in like 2 days.
Anyway, that’s it for now! Hope Daddy gets well soon and that Lila has an amazing time out at Provo! And of course that the rest of you are doing well!!!!!
Loooooooooooooooooove you!!!!
Hna Sanabria

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