Week 26!!

September 1, 2014


So once again, the computer does not want to upload my pictures. I don’t know if it’s my memory card or what, but by the time I finally figure out what’s going on I’m gonna have like 100 pictures to send you guys. Yeah.

Anyway, San Miguel is starting to grow on me. The ward here is really small but the members are pretty great and willing to help us missionaries out, which is awesome. I made it a goal not to think about Tejeda too much, and that’s been helping me stay more focused on my new area and to see all the great things here. I still haven’t figured my way around just yet but I’m getting there.

I can’t believe we’re in September now! This year has been flying by! And since this month is the month of Mexico’s independence day, things are going to start getting a little crazy around here. Especially since San Miguel is such a tourist city, so every weekend now is gonna be filled with parties and festivals and yeah.

Being in a trio has been both fun and stressful. The stressful part mainly because we’re training, but still, I’ve been learning a lot in these last two weeks. I realized that I haven’t really spoken much of my new area so I’m just gonna take the time to do that now. Okey dokey, so once again I’m living by members.It’s a privada of 6 houses. Four of those six houses are members – they’re all related though. Then the other two are me and my companions and the other sisters that we share the area with. They are Hermana Miguez from Uruguay and Hermana DeGraw from Oklahoma (she arrived with my companion Hermana Kelsh, so she’s also training). And it’s really fun having the other sisters living next door. Sometimes we get together after we finish our planning and order pizza and just hang out in our pj’s while we wait for a district leader to call us for the numbers. Our district leader is also pretty cool. Elder Mickelson is from Idaho and a total farm boy. He’s a little quirky but he’s really nice and buys us pizza for P-day, so we can’t complain. He’s also training a gringo, so that makes a grand total of 5 gringos in the district. And yeah, it’s a fun group.
Also, once again I have pets in my house. Each of these four families here have like 4 cats and those cats had kittens, and so there’s like 15 cats in the house. Plus a pitbull named Canela that likes to eat our clothes when we hang them up to dry. But they’re all cute and they keep the rats out, so that’s good. I don’t know if I ever told you guys, but in my house in Tejeda we had a rat for like a whole transfer. We finally killed it the Saturday before I left. And yeah. I was super happy to see that my new home is rat free.

And yeah, that’s kind of the update about my area and what not. This week we have to study chapter 9 of PMG and it’s all about finding new people, which is just what we need. We’ve been focusing a lot on finding new investigators and people to teach. So, these next few weeks it’s gonna be a lot of tracting, but it’s fun so it’s all good.

Hope you’re all doing well and I love you tons!
Hermana Sanabria!

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