Week 27 + Tender Mercies + Testigos de Jehova

September 8, 2014


Once again no pictures and I think it’s because there may be a virus on my memory card, but there’s a brother in my ward who does like computer stuff, so I’m gonna see if maybe he can help me out. So ya’ll are just gonna have to wait another week for pictures.
Anyway, this week was a pretty good week. We’ve been finding some new investigators and we have appointments set with them all this week, so that’s really good. At the moment we only really have two progressing investigators and their baptism is gonna be the 27th of this month and we’re all super stoked. It’s a mom and her son, but they’re older. Alejandro, the son, is 43 and has been an alcoholic pretty much most of his life. But ever since we’ve started teaching him he hasn’t drank and it’s been over a month! So yeah, it’s been amazing seeing the change in them as they come to learn more and more about the Gospel.
However, something amazing happened this Sunday (yesterday). So we were in the middle of testimony meeting (which was super awesome and a spiritual overload!) when our ward mission leader taps us on the shoulders and tells us that he saw some random guy walk into the building with a Starbucks cup and that we should go see who he is. So we invite this man in and after sacrament meeting we start talking and find out that he had been interested in the church for a super long time. He saw the Mexico City temple a while ago and went to the Visiter’s Center and since then, he’s wanted to know more about the church. But he said that every time he passed by the chapel (here in San Miguel) there was never anyone around (I’m assuming he only passed by on weekdays). But then that day he saw all the cars parked and decided to walk in and yeah. He loved sacrament meeting and ended up staying for all three hours! We were like ‘this is an answer to our prayers’ because we’ve been searching and searching and praying for more investigators to teach. And then this man just comes walking in! That my friends, is what I call a tender mercy from the Lord. We have an appointment for tomorrow after our district meeting and yeah. It was a pretty miraculous moment.
I also contacted a bunch of Jehovah’s Witnesses yesterday. We were at our ward mission leader’s home for lunch and this big van pulls up on his property (he lives on a ranch) and a bunch of JW’s come out and start knocking on different houses around there. Our ward mission leader saw them from the window and was like ‘Alright sisters, if you want to eat today you gotta go out and contact those JW’s on my lawn’. And so all five of us (we eat together with the other sisters in my area) go out and one of the JW’s sees us and asks if they can share a message with us. And we were like ‘Yeah! Go ahead!’. But as soon as they noticed that we were missionaries they got super nervous and were like ‘Uhhhh’, but to their credit, they actually began preaching to us. It was a little awkward at first, because I wasn’t sure how to answer their questions, but then Hermana Miguez started talking and it was almost like a roleplay practice that we do during district meetings. She was pretending to be an investigator and the rest of us were all like ‘Oh yeah, this sounds really interesting’. And we just kind of listened to them for a bit until they handed us one of their magazines. Which we accepted and in turn, gave them a Restoration pamphlet and were like ‘Thank you for that message you shared. It’s so awesome that you guys are going out and sharing your beliefs with a ton of people. It’s really admirable that you want to help people come closer to Christ. We’re also missionaries and for these 18 months, we too share messages about Christ and His gospel.’ And then we invited them to church and talked about the Restoration and how we have a prophet, and all that jazz. They didn’t want to accept the pamphlet but we insisted and were like ‘It’s a gift and we accepted yours and we’re gonna read it, so it’ll be really nice if you can do the same’. And at this point, they just really wanted to leave so we just hugged them (which also kind of freaked them out) and were like ‘Have a good day!’. And yeah. It was pretty interesting. My ward mission leader and his brothers were cracking up from the window, but then they were like ‘Well, you did it so I guess we’ll let you eat now’. And I’m glad they did because the food was flipping delicious. It was this creamy chipotle chicken and corn casserol and yeah. I’m gonna have to make it for you guys when I return because it is like Mexican heaven.
And that’s all for this week! I hope you’re all doing well and have a lovely week!
Hermana Sanabria

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