Week 29 + La Gripaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

September 22, 2014 


Okay so this week was kind of a dud. My companions and I got sick and were stuck in bed the entire week. It was just a regular cold but we all got sick at different times – like the first two days, one of my comps got sick, then when she got better I got sick for two days, then when I got better, my other companion got sick for another two days. On Satuday, my district leader and his companion gave us all blessings and then on Sunday we were all better. We still had stuffy noses, but at least we didn’t feel like the walking dead anymore and were able to go to church/work that day. And yeah. It was a pretty uneventful week for us. But I got a lot of studying and cleaning done during those two days, so that’s good I guess.
With conference coming up next weekend (and the women’s one this weekend!) I made the goal to read all of the talks from April, to better prepare myself. It’s probably the only thing I enjoyed about this week, haha. But yeah! I invite all of ya’ll to do the same!
And that’s all for this week! I know, super short letter. But next week should be much longer.
Hermana Sanbria!
Me in front of a mural of the Mexican flag but in the form of birds.
sep22 (1)
All of us hermanas in the back of a pickup truck on our way to lunch.
sep22 (2)
My district after our P-day activity. The elders made us pancakes and we watched 17 Miracles.

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