Week 30 + Officially Senior Companion!!!

September 29, 2014

So it’s official. I’m finishing Hna Kelsch’s training. Which I knew was gonna happen since I arrived to San Miguel, but there’s always the off chance of Presidente changing his mind last minute. But yeah. It feels so weird without Hna Hernandez here and being back in a regular companionship. But that’s just mission life for you. People come and go, but they always leave behind some pretty great memories (well, for the most part at least).

Last night we threw a little going a way party for Hna Hernandez after we finished our weekly planning session. The other hermanas who live next door came over and we all kinda pigged out on junk food and talked until 10:30 because that’s as late as mission life allows us to be up. But it was a lot of fun and also really sad, because we sang ‘God Be With You Til We Meet Again’ and since we’re all a bunch of girls, we kind of just cried for a good 10 minutes. Yeah.
Let’s see, other interesting things that happened this week. Well, I finally met my zone leaders. Our district is the farthest from the rest of the zone and so we’ve kinda been all alone this last transfer. So it was a really nice surprise when our zone leaders arrived for our district meeting on Tuesday. We talked a lot about working on our spirituality – not only personally, but also as a companionship, district, zone and mission. And of course, the spirit was super strong during the entire meeting. It was pretty great.
Oh! Ward conference was yesterday and I helped put together a musical number. On Wednesday night (which is the ward mutual night) a few sisters were like ‘So is there gonna be a musical number for Sunday?’ and I was like ‘Uhhh, do you want one?’ and they said yes. So we printed out that arrangement of ‘I Believe In Christ’ that mom sent me and kinda put it all together in only four days. And it went off without a hit! Of course, I kind of simplified the arrangement and we only did two parts – soprano and alto – but it ended up sounding really nice and the whole ward was super happy with it (especially since it’s been ages since they’ve had a musical number). First time being a choir director though and it was super stressful. Not sure how Mom does it, but it was still a fun experience.
And that’s pretty much it for this week! Hope you’re all doing well!
Hermana Sanabria
From Tuesday when my zone leaders visted us during district meeting.
sep29 (1)
Our little slumber party from last night.
sep29 (2)
From this morning when we dropped hermana Hernandez at the bus station

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