October 6, 2014

Um, was general conference this weekend amazing or what? I love love LOVE the new format they’re doing about how speakers can give their talks in their native language. The church is true, guys!

I ended up watching conference in Spanish and I was amazed at how much I could understand. I didn’t catch all of it – especially because the connection wasn’t very good in our chapel so it cut out a lot – but I ended up taking like 10 pages of notes and a ton of my prayers were answered, so it’s all good. Also, something I learned this weekend – Elder Richard G. Scott speaks Spanish and records his talks in Spanish so that it’s actually his voice speaking and not a translator. I thought that was so cool! And he sounds so awesome in Spanish. His voice reminded me of like Dumbledore or Gandalf or some other epic wise old man from a fantasy story. Yeah, so that was a nice surprise.
I feel like they talked a ton about personal revelation and strengthening each of our own personal testimonies. It was amazing. Something I did before conference was pray and then write down a few questions which I wanted answered in conference. And every single one of them got answered! Ahhhhh, this gospel is amazing. I especially loved Sister Esplin’s talk in the Saturday session. She spoke about the sacrament and how to take it more meaningfully and it was just such a huge answer to my prayers. But it was really cool listening in Spanish because towards the end, the translator got super emotional and the Spirit was SO strong and I was just watching on the edge of my seat. And holy cow. I also really loved President Uchtdorf’s talk, like always. Though I can’t really remember at this moment what he talked about but I just remember loving it.
Anyway, conference was definitely the highlight of my week. It was a little slow – we’ve been getting a lot of rain here and so there aren’t that many people opening their doors. But I feel like I’m starting to get the hang of this training thing and I’m not getting lost, so that’s good. And that’s pretty much it for now! No pictures because once again the computer is being weird and not wanting to load them. Hopefully next week it’ll work! Tomorrow I have zone conference which I’m super excited about because I finally get to meet all of the missionaries in my zone and it’s always such a spiritual experience. So I’ll probably have a lot to share next week as well.
Hope you’re all doing well and have an amazing week!
Hermana Sanabria

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