October 20, 2014


So this week was a ton of fun! As ya’ll know from my last letter, we implemented a few new programs in the mission this week. Friday my zone came to my area and we worked all day together and I LOVED IT! We split up so that I was only really with my zone leaders all day, but they’re a ton of fun so I was cool with it. Plus at the end, they bought my companion and I ice cream, so yeah. Can’t really complain there.
But yeah, I love this new program. We contacted a ton and even though a lot of our appointments fell through, the few we did have were so awesome and just super spiritual. My zone leaders are pretty amazing missionaries and I dunno, we were like a spiritual powerhouse team that day or something, because everything was perfect during our appointments. It was a little stressful being the guinea pigs but it all worked out and my zone is super understanding which was really good. Unfortunately, we’re not going to be able to travel this Friday for the activity because tomorrow we have to go over for interviews with Presidente, and we can’t afford two trips to Celaya in one week.
However, our zone leaders and their district surprised us today with a visit to San Miguel. They all got really bored of their area and loved ours on Friday, and were like ‘Well, we wanted to spend PDay with ya’ll’ and we were like ‘Yaaaaaaaay!!!’ And yeah, we took them to the artesenia market where we all had to eat crickets. And then we ate and are writing right now because afterwards we’re going to this park that’s really pretty, which means more pictures next week.
But here are a few of me and my zone leader Elder Oliva eating some crickets.
oct20 (1)
oct20 (2)
Haha, it was so great. So that was today (well, part one at least).
Another program we implemented this week was the 40 Day Fast. Yesterday all four of us spoke in sacrament meeting and also did a musical number (we sang Lead Kindly Light a capella) and it was amazing. The Spirit was so strong and I was so proud of my companion and Hna Degraw because it was their first time giving a talk in Spanish and they did such a good job and yeah. It was so great. Hna Miguez was a little nervous that the members wouldn’t sign up for the fast, but by the end of day, we had practically all of the days filled. We just have 7 days left, but since not everyone was there yesterday, I’m sure those will fill up fast. I am just so excited for all of these programs!!
And yeah! I think that’s pretty much it for this week. A lot of time with the zone and just feeling the Spirit and it’s great. Tomorrow I’m super excited for interviews with Presidente. Also afterwards, we’re having a zone council with the AP’s which I’m also stoked about because they’re my friends and I haven’t seen them in like 2 transfers. And one of them is Chileno! The only one in the whole mission. So yeah, just more things to look forward to this week. Seriously, I am just loving the direction which the mission is going. The work is accelerating and it’s accelerating fast and I love it!
Hope all of you have an amazing week and are well!
Hna Sanabria!

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