Week 34 + Entrevistas!!!!!!!

October 27, 2014 
So this week has been amazing! As I mentioned last week, Tuesday we had interviews with Presidente and holy cow. I didn’t realize how much I missed Presidente and Hermana Mejorada until that day, which was the first time I saw them since July.
It’s been a little tough being so far away from them and not having them around to ask for advice, like when I was in Queretaro. I definitely got spoiled over there, where I was able to get spiritual pep talks from them like practically every other week. But being far away has also helped me learn how to rely more on the Lord and trusting more in the Spirit, so there’s always a good side.
Anyway, this Tuesday was for interviews, but Presidente also decided to just do a zone training along with it. And man, was that training needed. Since I’m all the way out in the boonies (not really, but we are the farthest from the zone and it does kind of feel like that sometimes), we had to leave our house at 6:30 in the morning to get to the stake center on time. The training started at 9:30 and finished at 5:30. EIGHT HOURS OF TRAINING!!!! I don’t think I’ve ever sat in a chapel for so long before. But those eight hours were so worth it.
Presidente has called for a mission-wide repentance, but thankfully our zone has not been one of those zones which he has had to reprimand everyone. There was definitely some reprimanding going on, but nothing that wasn’t needed and everything done with love. I was so pumped during that whole training and took so many notes. There was a lot of training on proselyting related things and how to find more people to teach and how to do things with the Spirit – lots of really good advice that I’m not gonna fill this up with because yeah.
However, there was a Q&A moment about proselyting (mainly not to use all of our interview time with questions that could be taken care of in the training) and one elder asked about how to avoid ‘el desanimo’ or discouragement. And man. We took like 2 hours just talking about that and I loved it. After the elder asked his question, Presidente asked if anyone had any comments and I shared what Mom shared with me about Abinidi.
I began to talk about how a lot of the times, we get discouraged because we aren’t able to see a lot of fruits for our work and how we get frustrated because we’re working so hard and yet not seeing anything. And so then I shared how Abinidi, who was probably the most hard-core missionary in the history of missionaries, never had a single ‘investigator’. No one wanted to listen to him and everyone rejected him. And the only ‘investigator’ he had, he didn’t even know about in his lifetime. But that ‘investigator’ was Alma, who became another amazing missionary. And Alma had his son Alma the younger, who also was a powerhouse of a missionary, and then he had sons who also dedicated their lives to sharing their gospel. And those sons had sons and yeah. Generations and generations of people have been blessed all because of Abinidi. Yet he never got to see that while he was alive. We may not see the fruit of our labor, but the Lord sees our labor and that is what really matters.
So yeah, of course I got super emotional and turned into a bit of weenie as I talked about all of those things Mom shared with me, but I dunno. I just felt the Spirit telling me to share that with my zone and then Presidente took what I said and spent another half hour talking about it. It was pretty intense (and also, Mom, you may be a little famous now in my zone).
Presidente then gave us three recommendatios for when we get discouraged:
1. Have the number (or email) of someone who knows better – this point he gave after I shared about the advice Mom gave me. He said that when things get rough and we don’t know what to do, ask someone who does.
2. Expand our vision – That when a problem faces us, it seems huge. But when we’re able to expand our vision, the problem really isn’t that big of a deal and we’re able to move forward.
3. Increase the speed – Presidente then shared a bunch of personal stories about how whenever someone tells him he can’t do something, it just makes him work harder to do it (he says that his magic words are ‘tu no puedes’). Even if we feel like we’ve been working as hard as we can, we can always work harder. And that everytime you feel like you’re about to collapse, that’s the moment we need to push ourselves to the maximum.
Something he shared with us is that ‘the races of life aren’t won by the body. they are won by the mind and by the will’. Comes what comes, enjoy it. That was pretty much the theme of this whole training. That it doesn’t matter what problems we are faced with – we should enjoy every second of it. Enjoy the rejections, enjoy the bad companions, enjoy the indigestion – enjoy everything and if we do that, we’ll see just how amazing life can be. Do I have an amazing mission president or what?
And yeah! I wish I could write more but I’m out of time. However, as for my interview – let’s just say that Presidente definitely is a man of revelation because everything he said to me was exactly what I needed to hear to be better, as a missionary and as a person. It was amazing!
So that’s it for this week! I hope you all have an amazing week (and happy halloween!) and to answer Mary’s question about the crickets – they tasted like chicken. Haha, not really, but they weren’t too bad. Just a little crunchy.
Hermana Sanabria

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