Week 35 + 36 + TRANSFERS!!!!!!!

November 10, 2014


So I know, I’m a butt for not writing last week. But we had a zone activity in Celaya that day and we didn’t get back to San Miguel until 8:30. But it was so worth it! Last Monday was probably the best P-Day I’ve had in the entire mission. This member in my zone leaders’ ward invited the whole zone out to their ranch for a carne asada and holy cow, it was so delicious! I haven’t had so much meat since the asadas at Tio Homero’s house. Not the same as a chilean asada, but still really good. And since my zone is a ton of fun, we pretty much just hung out the whole day – playing soccer, having water fights, and just messing around. It was a blast! But the best part had to be at the very end of the day. My zone leaders, who are stinking awesome, decided to hold a small devotional before we all went back to our zones. Before we arrived to the ranch, they asked each of us to bring something of sentimental value from home to share. We then each took turns talking about this thing and why it’s important to us. It was really cool because I got to know all of the missionaries in my zone better and also, the Spirit was just so strong and it was a really beautiful moment. It was the perfect way to end a perfect day.
(Me, Hermana Kelsch and Elder Greenwood making some pico de gallo for the barbeque)
I also went to Celaya this Saturday for the Todos Somos Uno program and it was
so cool. It was in my zone leaders ward and they organized it that all of us missionaries did divisions with members from the ward. And I loved that! My companion for the day was la Hermana Micaela, a recent convert of 4 months. She’s an elderly lady who used to be super catholic – like those hard-core goes around parading the city with a Virgin Mary shrine kind of catholic. And she completely turned her life around because she came to know that this church was true. I absolutely loved getting to spend the day with her and hearing her conversion story. And the coolest part was that the people my zone leaders assigned us to see, were her own family members! I loved how they have been putting their recent converts to work and also making them share the gospel with the people they love first. Gotta give some props to my zone leaders for that one.
nov10 (1)
(Me with Hermana Micaela)
It was also really cool because that day,my old zone leader Elder Cruz (who finished his mission a transfer ago) came back to visit the mission with his whole family. And they all helped us out that day, too! It was so cool seeing him again (though I kept calling him Elder instead of Hermano) and with his family, working together in this portion of the Lord’s vineyard. ​
nov10 (2)
My zone!
Another cool thing that happened last week was that my ward here in San Miguel held a Trunk or Treat! It was a ton of fun and my leaders even allowed me and my companions to paint our faces for it! And we also got to go around all of the cars trick-or-treating and ended up with a TON of candy. It was pretty awesome. Now for a picture of us sisters with my ward mission leaders family, who were super awesome and all dressed up as Justice League characters (except for one brother who decided to go as Huggy Bear from Starsky & Hutch).
nov10 (3)
Now, it’s time for some big news. As ya’ll know, here in San Miguel there are two companionships of sisters (the areas are San Miguel 1 & 2). My area has been San Miguel 1, but now that area is going to belong to elders! And I am now going to be in San Miguel 2 with Hermana Miguez (who has been in San Miguel 2 and also finishes this transfer). My companion, Hermana Kelsch, is going to El Sol in Queretaro (my old zone!) and I’m so bummed that she’s leaving me. I don’t think I’ve ever come to love a sister as much as I did her. She has seriously become one of my best friends. But I know that this change will be good for her to progress and grow, so that kind of helps with the blow.
However, that’s not all of the news. Even though I’m staying in San Miguel, I’m not going back as junior companion. Nope, Presidente has called me to be an Hermana Capacitadora (Sister Training Leader) and I’m both freaking out and also a little excited. The freaking out part because it’s a ton of responsibility and also, I’m going to be attending all of the leadership councils now with Presidente. However, excited because this month Presidente De Oyos, the Area President of Mexico, is coming to tour the mission and he’s going to hold a leadership council with all of the zone and sister training leaders. And I’m so excited for that because I just know it’s going to be a spiritual overload. Presidente and a general authority in the same room? Yeah, it’s gonna be so nerve wrecking but also so so SO worth it! The tour is on the 21 of this month, and I’m gonna make sure to take a ton of notes because there is no way I’m going to let this opportunity for personal revelation go.
And yeah! A ton of things this week, I know. And even though I’m sad about my companion leaving, I’m also really excited for this transfer. It’s gonna be a little weird sharing an area with elders again – it’s been six months of just pure sisters. Plus, they will be living next door to me, which is also a little weird. But I’m also excited because it’s Elder Carlson who’s coming (he’s from my generation) and he’s a really fun guy, so I’m sure it’ll be a fun time. Also, this transfer is only going to be 5 weeks long, instead of six, because of Christmas (another thing I’m super excited about!), and yeah. That’s all for now! I love you all and hope you’re all doing well!
Hermana Sanabria

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