Week 37!!!

November 17, 2014


So this week was kinda weird but also super cool. Weird mainly because even though I’m still in San Miguel, I now no longer go visit all of the people that I was visiting for the last 3 months. But it’s been really cool getting to know all of my new investigators and working with Hermana Miguez. She tells me that each day I sound more and more Chilean, but since she’s from Uruguay and her accent is really similar to the chilean one (only not as fast, less ‘po’s’ and she speaks in ‘vos’) I guess that’s not much of a surprise. And also, one of the new elders in my district is from Osorno, Chile and it’s so much fun talking to him because it reminds me of Mom, and Mama Lila, and the Valenzuelas, and yeah.
Having the elders live next door is actually not as weird as I thought it would be. They’re both really obedient missionaries and super respectful, so it’s perfect. They’re also super goofy and total dorks, but that just makes it more fun. It’s also really easy reporting numbers now too, haha. We just yell out the window when we have them ready and then they call us for them, it works out great.
I also went to my first Leadership Council on Thursday and holy cow, it was so awesome. I never thought I would enjoy listening to a person speak for nine hours, but with Presidente, you don’t feel the time pass. I was a total nerd and took like five pages of notes, but I just wanted to make sure I didn’t miss anything important. I’m such a newb, I know. But I’m so excited for all of the things coming up in the mission. Seriously, the work is accelerating and it’s accerlerating FAST. Being in that meeting made me realize just how much work needs to be done and I am so, so, SO stoked for the future here in the Queretaro Mission. Things are changing and it’s for the good!
It was also really cool this council because there are TON of first-time sister training and zone leaders, too. Last transfer a ton of the leaders in the mission finished, so this transfer Presidente had to call a bunch of new ones and yeah. So at least I wasn’t the only newbie there. I saw three other missionaries from my generation and we wsere all catching up and it was a ton of fun. And I also got to see Hermana Weatherhead, a sister who I shared Tejeda with for two transfers. It was so good seeing her again!
It was also so good being in Queretaro again! Though it seems WAAAAAY bigger than it did just 4 months ago. But that’s probably because San Miguel is a tiny little town. We ended up traveling the night before, since the council started so early in the morning and there was no way we were going to survive a 9 hour meeting with just 4 hours of sleep. We stayed with all of the sister training leaders in a house that’s close to the offices and it was kinda like a huge slumber party, hahha. A ton of catching up and hanging out, and the secretaries ordered us pizza and it was just so much fun. Definitely loving being a sister training leader, hahaha.
Here’s a picture of me and my companion, with Presidente and Hermana Mejorada, and also the 1st and 2nd counselor of Presidente. Spiritual powerhouses – all of them. It’s pretty great.
And yeah! That’s kind of it for this week. Tomorrow we have zone conference and I’m gonna have to do a training segment during it, which I’m a little nervous about but I know it’ll all work out. And then Friday is the mission tour with Presidente De Oyos and Saturday is another Leadership Council and yeah. I’m going to be doing a ton of traveling this transfer but I’m really looking forward to it.
Hope you’re all well!
Hermana Sanabria
PS: So Elder Cuevas, the Assistant from Chile, got a package of chilean candies a few weeks ago and he was super nice enough to save some for me. He’s kind of the best.
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