Week 39 + El Es La Dadiva!!!!

December 1, 2014


So I hope ya’ll had an awesome Thanksgiving! I actually had a really good one, so no worries Mom. I actually got my turkey and pumpkin pie. My ward mission leader and his family are half American and so they always celebrate Thanksgiving, and they invited us missionaries out to their ranch and we had a HUGE Thanksgiving feast. The only difference was that we celebrated on Saturday, because here in Mexico no one gets that Thursday off. But either way, it was awesome. The only downfall is that I kinda left my camera at their house, so that means no pictures this week. Sorrrrrrrryyyy. But yeah, at least I had a great time.

Anyway, this week was pretty chill. We actually got to work in our area, which was awesome! We’re still working on finding people (#missionlife) but the ones we have are progressing, so that’s awesome. Slowly, but they’re getting there.

However, I’m super stoked for this month of December to find people because it’s Christmas time and it’s kind of the best time of year to talk about Christ. And I don’t know if you guys have heard about it yet, but the Church is starting this ‘initiative’ specifically for the Christmas season. It’s called ‘He Is The Gift’ (or El Es La Dadiva en español) and it’s kind of the coolest thing ever.

We’re pretty much inviting people to know about God’s love through the fact that he sent his only begotten son to die for us and be our savior (John 34:16) and that Christ is the Gift. In other words, it’s the first point of the first lesson (God is Our Loving Heavenly Father) but wrapped with a Christmas theme. AND I LOVE IT! Because who can say no to Jesus on Christmas? Um, no one! Or at least, they shouldn’t. But yeah, I am so super duper excited for this program. Also, on December 7, the Church is going to buy out YouTube so that the only ads that you will find on that website are going to be from the church. Specifically the christmas.mormon.org page (which ya’ll should all go check out and watch the video because it’s kind of awesome).

Pretty amazing right?

I am seriously so excited to spend Christmas as a missionary. I feel like I have gotten so much closer to Christ and I’ve been trying to remember him as much as possible and it’s awesome.

So yeah! That’s kind of it for this week. Today my companion and I went down to Celaya because there’s this giant flea market and we wanted to get some skirts (I got three for like $10) and we hung out with the elders for a bit. And since it turns out we have to be here for a zone meeting tomorrow, we’re just going to spend the night with the other sister training leaders and it’s gonna be a blast.

Hope ya’ll have an amazing week!


Hermana Sanabria


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