Week 41 + TRANSFERS!!!!

December 15, 2014 


So last night we got the news of transfers and it looks like I’m leaving San Miguel! My new area is going to be Lagos de Moreno, which just so happens to be the farthest area of the whole mission. It’s in the state of Jalisco and like, 3 hours away from the mission office. That’s going to be a long bus ride tomorrow. But I’m excited because my companion is Hermana DeGraw, my neighbor for my first two transfers here in San Miguel. She’s super sweet and since we already know each other pretty well, we don’t have to worry about that whole ‘getting to know you’ stage and just get straight to work. So that’s good.
I’m just a little sad because they’re closing my area. But that’s because there are so many missionaries leaving and not enough coming in. So for the next few transfers, there are going to have some areas closed down and it just so happens that San Miguel is one of them. But the elders here are really good and I know they’ll take care of my investigators, which is really the only thing I’m worried about.
I’m still not really over the shock of all these changes (there were a ton in my zone) but I’ve just come to learn to expect the unexpected when it comes to Presidente. He truly is unpredictable as far as transfers go. Speaking of Presidente, we had our mission Christmas dinner with him last Wednesday and it was a blast! We didn’t do much except talk, eat, and take a ton of pictures!
The sisters in the zones of Celaya and Irapuato! This was after our gift exchange. And the Santa Clause? Yeah, that’d be one of the AP’s.
dec15 (1)
It’s not Christmas in Mexico without a piñata! The elders in my zone made one that looked like Presidente and surprised him with it. It was so much fun watching him, then Hermana Mejorada, and then their daughter Prisilla take turns beating it. Definitely the highlight of the party.
dec15 (2)
And one last picture of my generation! Well at the ones who are here in Celaya an Irapuato. It’s always so much fun getting to see everyone again.
And yeah! That’s kind of it for this week! I’m going to send more pictures to Mom to post on the blog, because I can’t fit anymore here. Anyway, I hope you all have an awesome week and I can’t wait to be able to talk to the family next week!
Hermana Sanabria

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