Week 43 + Happy New Year!!!!

December 19, 2014


So yet again, no pictures. Sorry but apparently the computers here in Lagos do not like my pictuers. Lame.

Anyway, I hope ya’ll had an awesome Christmas! We had a pretty low-key one here. This one family invited us for both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and oh my gosh, the food was so good. Then they got us presents which I totally was not expecting. Super sweet of them. The only downfall to Christmas was that absolutely no one was home. And the people who were, didn’t really want to listen to us while they were partying with their families. But we gave it our effort and that’s what counts. And yeah! There’s really not much else to say for this letter…

I still can’t believe that 2015 starts this week. The time has been going by waaaaaayyyy too fast! Presidente invited us to share with all of you guys our New Years Resolutions, but I’m still kind of working on them. I think number one should be stop procrastinating, hahaha. But a few that I’ve been thinking about are that I really want to study a chapter of the Bible a day. I found this little old testament study calander thing in the Friend and I’m totally gonna use it this year. I also want to try and read the Book of Mormon three times this year. I did the math and if you read 5 pages a day, you can be done in like 4 months. So it’s totally possible! And yeah! Next week I will definitely have more goals to share (and also pictures but no promises there) but I hope you all have a super happy new year!

Hermana Sanabria



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