Week 44 + First Letter of 2015!!!

January 5, 2015


Good news first: PICTURES!!!!
​Here’s one of me in front of this really cool looking church here in Lagos.
Turned out that my memory had a virus – that’s the problem with using public computers unfortunately –  but they’re all good now so get ready for A TON of pictures. (But most likely for next week because I don’t have much time today).
Anyway, this week has been pretty interesting. Thankfully the holidays have ended, so the streets are once again busy and everything’s back to normal. Since we kinda lost a few days to the holidays, we’ve been making up for it by contacting the people like crazy. We even went tracting for a bit and we ended up finding like 6 different people or families who said to come back. So we’re hoping and praying that we can have some new investigators to add to our teaching pool this week.
Also, so each week Presidente assigns us chapters to read from Preach My Gospel. And for this week, he’s having us read it from the beginning. Well, in the introduction I came across this part where it was talking about the Study Journal. And there’s a part that says how we should go over our journals to remember the experiences that we’ve had, understand certain concepts better, and to also recognize our progress. So when I read that, I realized I should probably do that. Because I’ve been pretty good about writing in my journal (I’ve finished 3 now in the mission and currently working on the fourth!) but going back and rereading it? Yeah, that’s never happened.
So when I came across this section during my personal study, I began to take a few minutes each day to go over every single journal.
And holy cow. It’s kind of amazing how much has changed in just 11 short months. I’m still not over how much I have grown personally and it really was an awesome experience, seeing all of the progress I made. I think the best part was, after going back and reflecting on all of the spiritual experiences I lived and remembering all of the amazing lessons I learned, how I realized that I literally can not be doing something better for my life right now, than serving this mission to the Lord. Re-reading my journals has helped me discover that each day, I am becoming closer to the person that Heavenly Father wants me to be. Still got a ways to go, of course, but it’s just really comforting to know that I’m on the right path. 2014 was definitely a good year for me and I know that it’s all thanks to my mission. Seriously, I can’t even imagine what my life would be like without it and I’m just so super thankful to be a missionary.
Yeah, you can say I had a pretty enlightening week. Anyway, unfortunately I’m out of time but hope you all have an awesome week!
Hna Sanabria
And now a picture of me making some tamales by hand on Christmas Eve. Yeah, it was kind of an awesome way to spend Christmas. And don’t worry Mom – totes grabbed the recipe so I can make some for ya’ll when I get home.
jan5 (1)

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