Week 46 + Zone Council!!!

January 19, 2015



A little bit of Mexican scenery for ya.

So this week we had zone council in Leon, and holy cow. It looks like Presidente is calling another mission-wide repentence. The whole theme of our zone council was obedience and man. Revelation overload.
To start off, Presidente had asked everyone to come to the council fasting –  the first time he’s ever asked us to do so. That right there just really helped with the whole spirituality of the council. We then spent the next 2 hours reading and analyzing 1 Samuel 15 and yeah. That was intense. In the case that you’re not familiar with this chapter this chapter is talking about King Saul and how he was commanded to destroy all of the Amalakites. We all took turns reading each verse and every now and then the zone leaders would stop and ask us to put ourselves in Saul’s place. I think we took the whole ‘likening the scriptures to ourselves’ thing to a whole new level.
It was kind of amazing though, comparing this story with us in the mission right now. Saul’s mission was to destroy the Amaliktes because they were super wicked and were constantly trying to destroy the people of God. But the thing was, that they had to kill EVERYTHING. Children, babies, women, even the animals! Like, what the heck do the animals have to do with anything? But that was the commandment of the Lord. Saul however, when he got there, killed everything but the ‘fattest’ of the animals, because he thought that he could sacrifice them as an offering to the Lord. He also spared Agag, their leader.
After he supposedly ‘completes’ his mission, Samuel the prophet receives revelation in verses 10-11. And this is when things started to get intense. When we read these verses, our zone leaders asked all of us to put ourselves in Saul’s place and then read it aloud. So in other words this is what I read:

Then came the word of the Lord unto Presidente Mejorada, saying,

 11 It repenteth me that I have set up Sister Sanabria to be senior companion: for she is turned back from following me, and hath not performed my commandments. And it grieved Presidente Mejorada; and he cried unto the Lord all night.

Yeah, that hit me like a ton of bricks. I think we all came out of that zone council a little more humble than when we walked in.
Anyway, we then went on to discuss how Saul kept trying to justify his disobedience by saying that the reason he didn’t kill everything, like he was supposed to, was because he wanted to give an ‘offering’ to the Lord. But the prophet Samuel teaches us that OBEDIENCE is more important than whatever sacrifice we could give. In fact, obedience is the best offering we could give to the Lord. And so when Saul finally realizes his big mistake, he immediately starts repenting because he knows that he could lose his kingship because of this. But he repented too late and now he has to live with the consequence that someone better (King David) is going to replace him.
We then went on to discuss how for most missionaries, serving a mission is a sacrifice (it’s our ‘offering’) and we think with just leaving to go on a mission, that’s enough for the Lord. But in reality, the Lord doesn’t just want us to serve the mission (he doesn’t just want the offering) but that we’re obedient while we do so.
Moral of the story: Just be obedient.
The zone leaders also talked a lot about what it really means to be a successful missionary. That just because a missionary is baptizing, that doesn’t mean he’s successful. Especially if that missionary is being disobedient while doing so. A succesfful missionary is someone who is obedient and gives their all to the work. The baptisms will come if the Lord wants them to. So for now, we should just be doing everything in our power to be as obedient as possible and working as hard as we can. The fruits will come in their own due time.
All of this was just really awesome for me, because the week prior, I had been really struggling with what to do with my area. It’s pretty tough here and we’ve been trying to find new investigators for weeks but nothing. So as I prayed and fasted over what it was that I could do, this council came in at exactly the right time. I realize now, that even though I’m not disobedient, I can always be better. That there is always something to improve. And it was just a huge comfort and stress-reliever to me because now I know that so long as I’m obedient and doing everything I can, I’m a ‘successful missionary’.
One of the other sisters in my zone shared with me something that Presidente said a while ago. That the sign of a ‘successful missionary’ is that when they come home for the night, they’re happy. They’re content because they know they did everything they could that day. When we come home disappointed it’s because we know we could have done more.
And yeah. You can say I had a pretty enlightening week. And this week it’s gonna be even better, because we’re having zone conference with Presidente. And once again, he’s asking us to come fasting. So I’m pretty sure I’ll be having another ‘spiritual overload’ this weekend.
So yeah! Hope you’re all doing well and have an awesome week!
Hermana Sanabria
Picture time!
jan19 (1)
Two weeks ago (the 6 of January) was ‘Dia de los Reyes’, and to celebrate it we bought a ‘Rosca de Reyes’ because we saw everyone walking home with one and we wanted to try it. It was pretty delicious.
jan19 (2)
here’s this brother in my ward who served in the Culiacan Mission and he was showing us his mission stuff, and just guess who I found?

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