Week 47 + Tri-Zone Conference!!!!

January 26, 2015



Here’s a little more Mexican scenery for you guys. I think this is in Leon, but I’m not really sure considering I snapped this on the bus.

jan26 (1)

The sisters of the Leon and Guanajuato zones (we’re actually missing two companionships, but we didn’t have much time to get a picture of them, so this will have to do).
Anyway, this week was another revelation-filled week. Like I expected, Zone Conference with Presidente on Friday was kinda stinkin amazing. Seriously, I don’t think I will ever get bored of hearing that man speak. Which is kind of a good thing, considering he went major overtime and we ended up sitting there for a total of 6 hours (instead of the original four). But it’s crazy because we didn’t even feel the time pass!
Unfortunately, I forgot my notebook at home so I can’t write all of the cool awesome things I learned that I wanted to. What I do remember though, is that there was a LOT of talk about having a prayer in one’s heart. I think that took up like, half of the conference. Presidente spoke a lot about how having a prayer in your heart ALWAYS is the key to being obedient. That a missionary who constantly has a prayer in their heart is a missionary that knows why they’re out on the mission.
Before the zone conference, my companion and I made some goals on what we would like to learn and apply, and one of them was keeping focus. I had been thinking a lot about my previous transfers and also the kind of RM I would like to be, and I just really want to make sure that I spend this last third of my mission doing everything I possibly can to serve the Lord. That I can  stay strong and finish strong and be able to say that I truly did my best. And so Presidente’s training on a prayer in your heart really helped me realize what I needed to do in order to ensure I fulfilled my goals. He also spent a good portion talking about how we missionaries, are the ‘name tag’ of the church and we listed a ton of qualities that people expect missionaries to have. The list was really long but it helped me see what were the things I was accomplishing and also the things I needed to work on. And I dunno, it was just really nice to have a better idea of how I can improve.
Seriously, personal revelation is kind of the best.
And yeah! It stinks that I don’t have much more time to write but I hope you’re all doing well and have an amazing week!
Hermana Sanabria
And now some pictures…
jan26 (2)
I found this lemon the size of my face. It’s kind of amazing, isn’t it?
jan26 (3)
And this less-active member got this new puppy who is kind of the most adorable thing in the world. So I just had to get a picture with it.

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