Week 49 + Disfruta La Vida, No Consumas Drogas

February 9, 2015


Well, week one of this new transfer kind of felt like an eternity. But in a good way, though. We just managed to get A LOT done and it was kind of awesome. We’ve been contacting like crazy and we found three new investigators this week that we’re really praying will progress. Hermana Arias is pretty great as a companion. Her last area was Tejeda – my first area – and so she’s been catching me up on everyone there and I found out that my first two converts, Israel and Rocio, are preparing for their sealing next month! I think that’s been my favorite part about this week. Seriously, nothing makes me happier than knowing that the people I was able to teach and see baptized are remaing strong and faithful to the Gospel.
Our companionship is kinda funny, because for some reason, Presidente has assigned us both as senior companions. The exact words from our district leaders were that I will ‘direct’ the area, while my companion ‘presides’ over it. What that means, we have no idea. So the first few days were a little confusing on what to do, but I think we finally figured it all out. It’s been fun though, and Hna Arias is a really hard worker, so we’re both super excited for this transfer. I’ve got a really good feeling that we’re going to start seeing some miracles here in Lagos, soon. So yeah, I’m totally stoked for that.
Anyway, there isn’t really much else to say for this week. Tomorrow we’ve got zone council and so we’re gonna travel to Leon tonight and so I’m sure next week, I’ll have a lot more to share. And yeah! That’s kind of it!
Hermana Sanabria
And now for some pictures from transfers last Tuesday.
The sisters of Leon! Well half of us at least. The other half had transfers and were on their way to Queretaro when we took this picture.
feb9 (1)
With Elder Kershaw (my former district leader) and Elder Flores, a random elder in the zone. And yes I’m aware that my outfit does not match. I had to get up at 4 AM and there was only one lightbulb in the entire house. So yeah.
feb9 (2)
Just a little life advice from a bag of Mexican cheese puffs I bought the other day.

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