Week 50 + Zone Council!

February 16, 2015


The Leon East Zone!
So Tuesday we had zone council and it was another good one! As ya’ll miht have noticed, last transfer was kind of emphasized a ton on obedience. I mean, after that council where we analyzed 1 Samuel 15, I think it was pretty obvious that there was quite a lot of repenting to do in the mission. Of course, it’s also realy sad. Luckily, my ast two areas have been ones where we’re isolated from the rest of the mission, so we don’t really know or see much of all the disobedience going on. Though all this talk about repenting and obeying wasn’t much of a surprise to me. Every week in our mission bulletin, Presidente has been adding new rules and obviously there’s a reason behind each one. The list has gotten so long though, that last Monday my companion and I joked about how before we’d know it, it’s gonna be like the Law of Moses – where we’re going to have to start counting the number of steps we take and what not. And ironically enough, the Law of Moses turned out to be the first thing we discussed in zone council.
So in the last few councils, we’ve been doing a lot of readings from the Old Testament – or in other words, we’ve been studying a lot about what it means to live the Law of Moses. The Law of Moses is pretty much ‘obedience or punishment’; it’s all about actions and exactness. And the reason it was like that, was because the people still weren’t spiritually mature enouh to live any other way. Something that Presidente’s mentioned a lot recently, is how he hates makin rules but how he has to give us so many because we still don’t know how to govern ourselves. And so even though we meant it as a joke, I think my companion and I may have had a point. We as a mission have been currently living the Law of Moses because we still weren’t spiritually mature enough.
However, as we know, the Law of Moses was also a preparation for when Christ would come and establish His higher law. And I think that that may be why Presidente has been so strict these last few transfers – he’s been helping us prepare to live the Higher Law. And well, that’s exacty what we ended up talking about on Tuesday.
The majority of our zone council lwas spent reading and analyzing Matthew 5, the Sermon on the Mount. Specifically the part where Christ replaces the law of Moses with His own. Before the mission, I never really understood all of this stuff very well, but after this zone council, it’s been made so much clearer. My zone leaders explained that in the law of Moses, they had to give sacrifices and that their offering was an animal – it could’ve been a lamb, goat, dove, whatever. However, the Higher Law or the Law of Christ, the ‘animal’ we bring to the alter, is the animal within ourselves, or the natural man. We could also say that we bring to the alter, a broken heart and a contrite spirit.
That’s something else that was made clearer to me. That the Higher Law never took away the Law of Moses, but rather added to it. As we see in the example, both had to sacrifice an offering – one was just greater than the other. And that’s exacty what the Higher Law is – greater; it’s MORE not less. When we learn to live the Law of Moses – which in other words means, when we learn to be obedient, we demonstrate to the Lord that we have matured enouh spiritually and are ready to progress. We’re able to have the Spirit with us which later helps us to discern and make the right decisions.
It’s like with the 10 Commandments – when Jesus said that the 2 greatest commandments were to love the Lord and love our neighbor, he didn’t say that we now didn’t have to keep the 10 Commandments. In fact, if you think about it, the ten commandments help us to live the two greater ones. They both interrelate and depend on each other – one is just the ‘beginners level’ and the other advanced. Because when it comes down to it, obedience isn’t the end. It’s where we need to start and it’s the way to get to Christ, who is the end.
And so I think we as a mission have finaly been able to advance, which is awesome. I’m really excited about how we’re progressin and I know that if we keep moving in this direction, we’re going to start seeing a lot of miracles soon. Now is the time TO BE, not don. We’ve learned how to be obedient, so now it’s time we srtart governing ourseves and alowing ourselves to be led by the Spirit so that these miracles can start happening.
And yeah! Ton of stuff I learned this week, I know. But that’s just one of the many awesome parts about being a missionary. Anyway, my time’s up but I hope you all have an awesome week!
Hna Sanabria

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