Week 51 + Divisions!

February 23, 2015 


So this week I left my area and spent it in Leon with my Sister Training Leader, Hermana Green. I was there pretty much the whole week and even though I missed working in my area, I learned so much! Before every companion exchange, we put together goals that we want to accomplish during the divisions, and some of the goals we had put were to increase our spirituality, strengthen our faith, and find more people to teach. And I’m so happy to say that each of these goals were met! I learned so much about myself and what I can do to improve as a missionary and also as a person. If ya’ll want to see a true example of how faith works, I highly reccommend that ya’ll read all of the book of Enos – it kinda changed my life. Which is funny considering I’ve read it a million times before, but this time was different. That saying about how it doesn’t matter how many times you read the Book of Mormon, you’ll always find something new? Yeah, it’s 100% true.
My favorite part about Enos though, was when he prays for the Lamanites, that one day these records (aka: the Book of Mormon) will be brought unto them and that they may accept the Gospel. It’s kind of amazing and also very humbling, to know that I play a role in the answer of Enos’s prayer. That I am helping bring these records to as many lamanite descendants that I can, because we all know that the hispanics are descendants of the Lamanites –  specifically the Mexicans. Seriously, when I read and understood that, I got chills.
So yeah. You can say I had a pretty enlightening week. But what was super awesome was that when I came back to my area on Saturday, my companion told me that she and our other sister training leader, had found 3 new families to teach! Miracles are happening here in Lagos and I know that the Lord has so many more in store!
And well, that’s all I got for this week! Interviews with Presidente are on Saturday, which I’m also super stoked for. I always come out of those with a ton of personal revelation, so I’m sure next week I’ll have plenty more to say!
Hermana Sanabria

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