Week 53 + Stake Conference!!!!

March 9, 2015

So this week has been a bit of a roller coaster. Lots of crazy stuff went down – like for example, we got contacted by this couple who’s on the run from the law for fraud and tried to get us involved in a scam. Thankfully the Spirit was with us and we were just like ‘Uh, we have like 2 days here in Lagos, we don’t know anyone or anything’, which of course was a total lie but they bought it and left us alone. That’s the super condensed version, but everything turned out okay in the end… though it totally took up like, an hour of our proselyting time.
Then, on our way to lunch on Saturday, my companion tripped and messed up her ankle. But since we had to travel to Leon that same night for stake conference, she decided to just hang in there until then, when one of the mission doctors could check her out. However, since the elders in our area had to travel earlier for the priesthood session, we went alone. Except since niether of us knew how to get to the stake center really well, we got way lost (like, we accidentally got off the bus on the wrong end of the city) and may have ended up half an hour late. Woops.
And of course, when Presidente went up to give his talk, the first thing he talked about was an experience from when he was a stake president and how for a year, they did a ‘campaign’ throughout the stake on punctuality to the meetings. Like, he may have mentioned the word punctuality like, 10 times in the first 5 minutes of his talk. I honestly don’t think he was directing his talk at us, but still. The timing of it all was kinda perfect.
The talks were all pretty awesome – both the evening and morning sessions. Once again I forgot my notebook (yeah I know, I’m kinda horrible about remembering it) but the Spirit was strong and I learned a ton, so that’s what really counts.
However the best part about stake conference, was definitely at the end, when Hermana Arias and I got to have lunch with the Mejorada family and the stake presidency and their families. We totally may have crashed in on that lunch (the stake president’s wife, Hemana Alvarez, always makes this big lunch for the presidency and their invited guests after conference so that those who travel don’t have to eat out on the Sabbath) but we don’t care because the food was amazing and the company even better! Seriously, it was so much fun eating with Presidente and his family, and also such a huge honor. Like, so many amazing people in one room and we just got like, 2 hours to hang out with them. Totes the best part of the week.
Anyway, that’s it for now! Since my companion sprained a ligament in her ankle, we’re gonna have to be in our house for 3 days (also the reason why our zone activity at the zoo didn’t work out… and also because another sister had to get a molar taken out and the elders accidentally bought 2,000 pesos worth of gas and are now broke… so that’ll most likely have to be saved for next transfer). But we’re gonna take advantage of that time to perfect all of our planning and study our butts off. So yeah! Until next week!
Hermana Sanabria
Some more pictures:
Hermana Arias!
This is Amanda – she was in my ward in San Miguel but got married in December, so she’s now in Leon! It was really cool seeing her again!

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