Week 54!!!!

March 16, 2015


Holaaaaaaa!!!!! So I’m pretty short on time this week but I want ya’ll to know that I’m doing good. This week we had to take it pretty easy because my companion sprained her ankle, but I was able to divisions with some sisters so I was able to go out and work for at least a few hours each day. Anyway, transfers are today but thankfully, Hermana Arias and I get to stay together here in Lagos for another six weeks! We’re super stoked because we have been finding so many people and I just know we’re gonna see some baptisms this transfer!
Speaking of baptisms, the elders in my area baptized an entire family in the last three weeks. This family is golden and the whole branch is super excited to have this new addition. Told ya miracles were gonna start happening in Lagos. Anyway, here are some pictures of us missionaries with the Garcia family.



The zone leaders came down for the baptism on Friday (that’s why there’s six of us).
Anyway, that’s all I got time for this week!
Hermana Sanabria

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