Week 58 + Multi-Zone Conference!!!!!!!!!!!!

April 13, 2015


So last Tuesday we had a multi-zone conference with Presidente, and HOLY FLIPPING COW. Probably the BEST zone conference I’ve had on the mission so far. Seriously, everything about it was amazing. The format was a little different than what they usually are, which made the time fly even faster than normal. It was kinda just like a four hour long Q&A/Discussion with Presidente, where we talked about everything we’ve been learning the last few transfers and doubts we had and tips we wanted for proselyting and all that jazz.
We began sharing our testimonies and also the things we’ve been learning these last few transfers. And it turns out that pretty much everyone just wanted to talk about the subject of grace. We’ve been learning so much about what grace really means and how the Atonement applies to both, sinners and saints. The Spirit was so strong during this part and it was only just the beginning!
Then, Presidente got down to what he really wanted to share with us, which was the topic of becoming spiritually self-reliant. He shared with all of us how the only thing he wants us to learn from him while he is our president, is that he taught us how to resort to the Lord and learn for ourselves. And I just gotta say, that that has been the biggest lesson that Presidente has taught me. We talked a lot about the importantce of going straight to the source to find the solutions to our trials and just learning how to figure out our own problems with the Lord.
Something Presidente emphasized a lot to us, was how our commitment should always be with the Lord. Not him, not our companions, not anybody else but God. We’ve been studying a lot about ‘real intent’ and the importance of the question ‘WHY’, and about how we should always do the things for teh right reasons. He taught us how there’s no point having ‘the law’ engraved on plates or scrolls or a handbook, when it is not first engraved upon our hearts. This was probably my favorite part of zone conference. I just learned so much and received so many answers as to how I can improve as both a missionary and a person. It is just so important that we are constantly evaluating and refining our purpose so that we can be sure that everything we do, we do it because we love God and want to serve Him.
There was a point during the conference, when one of the assistants made a comment that just really stuck out to me. He began to talk about how now, the question isn’t ‘Why did we choose to go on a mission?’ because we’ve already arrived. The question now ought to be: ‘Why are we still here?’.
As soon as I heard him ask all of us this, a line from my patriarichal blessing popped into my head. It’s the part in my blessing referring to how I will gain a testimony of the true Church and the line that came to my mind was:
You will live in it and live for it and seek to BUILD IT UP & STRENGTHEN IT wherever you can‘. (The ‘it’ is referring to the Church).
To answer the assistant’s question, that is the reason why I’m still on my mission. Because the Lord has called me to build up and strengthen His Church and His Kingdom here in this part of the world. That was such a spiritual moment for me because I knew it was Heavenly Father reminding me why He needs me on His side.
And I just wanted to share that with ya’ll, because I just think it’s so important that we are always aware of what our purpose is. Whether it be during our mission or for a calling or for just life in general, always know the reason why behind the things we do.
Yeah, told you it was a spiritual overload.
Anyway, once all of the ‘training’ part was over by Presidente, he surprised all of us with the movie ‘Meet the Mormons’! Okay, so maybe for my companion and I it wasn’t much of a surprise.
When we ate with Presidente and the stake presidency last transfer after stake conference, Presidente kinda let that announcement slip. But he had made us promise not to say anything about it. And there was no way we were gonna blab because we totally wanted to see Meet the Mormons. And well, ya’ll who know me know how hard it is for me to keep my mouth shut. But I’m glad to say that the mission has taught me how to hold my tongue.
So yeah, that was a lovely ‘surprise’ we got at the end of the zone conference. And that’s kinda it for this week.
Hermana Sanabria
Hermana Green!!!!
Here is Hna Arias and I with one of our former district leaders, Elder Lima.So this transfer a lot of the friends I have made during the mission are finishing, which made this zone conference a little bittersweet because it was the last time I’m gonna see all of them.
Totally bummed that my favorite zone leader ever is finishing this transfer. Elder Oliva has become one of my best friends and is such an amazing example to me. Seriously, never met a more Christ-like person before.

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