Week 59!!

April 20, 2015


So I don’t have much time today, because for P-day we went with a sister who taught us how to make brownies and ‘pan de nata’ (no idea how to translate that) and it kinda took up all day. So here are some pictures instead.
Eating our brownies!
Drinking some ‘mate’. The sister who invited us over had some and since my companion is from Argentina she was like ‘You have to try this!!!!’ and so I did. T’was quite delicious.
And getting our ‘pan de nata’ out of the oven. This too was pretty stinking delicious.
So that’s kinda all I got time for today. This week was pretty normal. We’ve been studying President Uchtdorf’s talk of ‘A Matter of a Few Degrees’ and the whole theme of ‘small and simple things’, and so Presidente asked us missionaries to invite our families to read it and reflect upon whether or not you’ve strayed a bit from the path. I LOVE this talk (and this topic in general) and it has helped me so much in the mission. Great things really do come and pass by measure of small and simple things, whether they be for good or bad. Presidente is constantly reminding us that there are no such things as ‘small rules’ or ‘grays’ and holy cow is that true. So yeah, here’s the link so ya’ll can study it and do a little bit of self-reflection as well.
And yeah! Until next week!
Hermana Sanabria

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