Week 62

May 11, 2015


So it was great seeing the whole family yesterday! Minus Isaac – I was SOOOOOO sad that he couldn’t connect. Darn internet. 😦 But yeah.
This week was pretty normal. We had zone council on Tuesday and it was really good. When it was my turn to lead the council (my companion and I did the doctrine part during the first half) I didn’t get super nervous, like my first time around, so I’m taking that as a sign of progress. I think it helps that we’re the oldest in the zone and everyone else is pretty new, so expectations are a little lower. Hahaha, just kidding. But yeah, it ended up turning out really well with lots of insightful commentary from the zone, which is honestly the best part.


The Celaya South Zone! We’re only missing one companionship (my district leader and his companion) because they had an emergency and were in the hospital the entire time. But everything is good now, so no worries.
Proselyting wise, it was pretty good. Nothing too out of the ordinary. Still trying to learn my area, because it is HUGE. We have the biggest area in all of Celaya (that’s including both zones) but I like it this way. I’ve had big areas my whole mission and it’s just more opportunities to work. We were gonna start doing divisions with the sisters in our zone, but since they have a lot of doctor appointments this week, we’re gonna postpone it until next week. Which I’m super greatful for because it gives me another week to learn and hopefully not get lost.
As for my companion, I’m really happy working with Hermana Noh. That girl is a spirtitual bomb. I’ve been learning so much from her and it’s been pretty great.
After I called home, we had to take a taxi to our appointment. It’s with some recent converts from last transfer. They’re a family of 6, but only the three youngest got baptized. We’re working right now with the parents so that they can get married and also the oldest daughter. The mom came to church for the first time and she’s doing really well!
Anyway, yesterday was Ariana’s, the youngest of the girls, birthday and since they’re really poor, they couldn’t afford to buy her a cake. My companion and I wanted to help out and we were gonna buy the cake, but since our money hadn’t been deposited, we had to figure out another solution. When we arrived to our house on Saturday night, we came up with an idea to make a cake out of pancakes. We had a tub of Nutella and a box of oreos, and that’s what the filling/frosting was. And to be honest, it actually turned out pretty stinking good. But the best part was the smile on Ariana’s face when she saw it. She was SO happy to get her ‘chocolate cake’. Totes a priceless moment.
​Las niñas!
​Our pancake-cake.
And yeah! That’s kinda it for this week. Today we went to the church to play soccer with part of the zone. It was a lot of fun, even though I sucked at it. But thankfully the elders in this zone are really chill and not as competitive as others, so we all ended up having a good time.
Until next time!
Hermana Sanabria

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