Week 63 + Quinceañera!


So today is my 15 month mark in the mission, hence the ‘quinceñera’ title. Totally can’t believe how fast time has flown by. Not cool. But so far, I feel pretty good. This is my companion’s last transfer but unlike my other companions who finished their missions with me, she hasn’t ‘shut down’ and it’s been a huge blessing working together.
I admire her so much for her good attitude and not letting her future plans or packing or being tired distract her from the work. It’s my goal to help her finish strong and she’s been doing the same for me, and I think that’s what’s really been helping us – the fact that we’re both watching out for each other. We’ve seen so many sisters kinda die out and so that’s why we are just so focused on staying on top of things and not allowing ourselves to fall. And so far so good. Our hearts are still set on the work and we’re still giving it all we got and that’s the way it’s gonna stay.
Anyway, on Saturday the elders of our district (they’re in the other ward) had a ward mission activity and asked us to help them out. It was for the primary kids, to help them get more motivated about missionary work. They divided us up with a ‘mini companion’ (and an adult supervisor) and we had to teach a class of ‘investigators’ a lesson from Preach My Gospel. It was so much fun and so cute to see these little Primary kids share their testimonies and their desires about serving a mission. My companion was Hermanita Hernandez, a 10 year old little girl who was baptized about a year ago. It was so much fun working with her – it kinda felt like I was training again, hahaa.
Displaying IMG_0779.JPG
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District Tecnologico with our mini companions!
After the activity, my companion and I went to visit the Morales family (the part member family we’re teaching). We talked about family home evenings because on Sunday (yesterday) a family from the ward was going to go over and hold one with them, so that they could learn how to do them. Afterwards, the girls showed us their chicken coop and one of the hen’s eggs hatched. So I may have taken some pictures with the baby chicks.
Inline image 3
I liked this one because I feel like it looks like me, hahaha.
Inline image 4
The girls accompanied us on our way to the bus stop. 🙂
So that’s kinda it for this week. Today we got together with our district to play soccer and basketball and it was a lot of fun. There’s not really anything else to do here in Celaya, so I have a feeling that by the end of my time here, I’m gonna finally know how to play soccer. The good thing about Celaya is that even do there’s nothing to do, there’s a bunch of other missionaries, unlike when I was in Lagos. So at least we can meet up and do nothing together, hahaa. And to finish up, we headed over to Subway, which I hadn’t eaten in FOREVER. So that was exciting.
And yeah! Until next time!

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