Week 66 + TRANSFERS!!!!


Once again I have no time to write because today we had transfers. This transfer, Presidente decided to implement a new program where instead of us travelling to our new areas on Tuesdays morning and arriving for district council, we will be travelling Mondays and have to arrive before 6 (when we begin our proselyting after pdays). But they didn’t tell us this until Sunday night… like at 11, so it’s been a little crazy.
Since Hna Noh is finishing, she doesn’t leave until Tuesday morning, so for today we’re in a trio with my new companion, who is no one other than Hermana Weatherhead! I saw her arrive to the mission and we shared an area in Tejeda for 3 months more than a year ago, so it’s kinda crazy that we’re together but I’m so excited. We’re already good friends, which is gonna make the transition way easier.
It’s kinda funny because last transfer, during leadership council, Hna Weatherhead and I were talking when she goes up to Presidente and asks him ‘Hey Pres, can we be companions one day?’ and Presidente just gave us a ‘We’ll see’ look and boom! It actually happened. We used to always joke that she was gonna be my last companion, and by the looks of it, I think that it is actually gonna come true. Crazy how things work out, huh?
Well that’s all I got time for today, until next week!
Hermana Sanabria
Picture Time!!!!
Inline image 1
Our last Family Home Evening as a companionship! This transfer, Presidente gave instructions that every Monday night after planning we were to hold an FHE as a companionship (or if there were more than one companionships living together, they’d get together) and it has been so much fun! A member brought us pizza and Tampico juice and we pushed our beds together and had ourselves a ball. Totally gonna miss my companion but I know she’s got great things in store for her in the future!
Inline image 2
Last district council of the transfer (and for Hna Noh)! The other district joined us for the picture and to give Hna Noh a poster they made for her farewell.
Inline image 3
Distrito Tecno! Saying goodbye to Elder Ruiz (he got transferred to the offices as secretary) and Elder Mohl (our district leader who got transferred to Leon).

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