Week 67 + Leadership Council!!!!


So this week has been pretty intense. I may have gotten like a total of, 15 hours of sleep? What with transfers, travelling to Queretaro, and a bunch of other crazy last minute STL duties, I’m pretty much exhausted. But despite all the lack of sleep, it’s been a really good time.
Thursday was Leadership Council and it was another good one. The Spirit was SO STRONG. We were talking a ton about how to ask inspired questions, something that I’ve been working so hard to do these last couple of transfers, and yeah. Revelation overload. It was really cool though, because instead of Presidente and the assistants doing all of the talking, it was mainly us – the council. I learned so much and I’m just so excited to start putting it all into practice in my area.

Inline image 2

All of the leaders from my generation! So good seeing everyone again!

Inline image 3

With Hnas Womack, Weatherhead, and Cadena!

Inline image 1

As for today, it was a pretty chill and rewarding P-day. We managed to get our house clean and laundry done in like, 2 hours – record time! And then we went to go play soccer at the chapel with both of the zones here in Celaya, which was a ton of fun. Though, they all came like, an hour late, so my companion and I were just chilling in the parking lot for a bit. But we took advantage of that time to nap and take pictures, so no complaining.
Inline image 4
Then we headed to Costco with the zone leaders and bought all of our food for the month. And the best part is, that we only spent like a quarter of our money and in two weeks we’re gonna get our monthly allowance again. I love Mexico.
Inline image 6
And yeah, that’s it for now. Until next week!
Hermana Sanabria

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