Week 69!!!


So this week was a pretty good week. We did divisions with the sisters in our zones, Hermana Pederson and Arias, and it was actually pretty successful. We got a lot of work done and things are definitely looking up here in Celaya.
As a zone, we’ve been working super hard on how to help improve our areas. For like the whole month, we’ve been the zone with the lowest assistances to church. And so two weeks ago, we decided to do a zone fast. We made a list of things we wanted to include in our fast, and then each companionship was assigned a specific day to fast. We ended this fast Sunday and holy cow. The results have been miraculous! We went from bring the least amount of people to bringing the 3rd most in the mission. We were all so happy when we saw the results and no not just because now we won’t have the assistants down our backs anymore. I think our testimonies of fasting have gotten so much stronger and we all know it’s because of this sacrifice that the Lord blessed us.
Anyway, that’s kinda it for this week. Now for some pictures!
Inline image 3
We got together to play soccer again as a zone (well, half because the other sisters didn’t come and there’s a district that’s like an hour away, so they never come into Celaya). I almost threw a goal in too! My soccer skills are definitely improving since I’ve been here
Inline image 2
Totally celebrated 4th of July with a pancake breakfast! Just one of the perks of having an American companion.
Inline image 6
Zone activity at Costco!!!! After we finished playing, we headed over to do some grocery shopping. Unfortunately during divisions, they cut our power for like 3 days, so all of our food went bad. Hence the Costco trip. But we had a ton of fun and we got to have chicken bakes for lunch, so I’m not complaining.
And yeah! Until next week!
Hermana Sanabria!

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