Week 70 + Zone Conference!!!!


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So this week we had a conference with the two zones of Celaya and it was kinda amazing. Seriously, Presidente is kinda the best. The Spirit was just so intense and I received so many answers to my prayers on how to finish my mission as strong as I possibly can. Hna Weatherhead and I just walked out of the conference SO pumped to work and bring as many souls unto Christ as possible. Such a spiritual high, I just love it!
Anyway, this week went well. Lots of work to get done and we’re just trying to give our best to the Lord. Even though a lot of our plans fell through, we’re not letting that get to us. And that’s kinda it for the week.
Now for today: I’M BACK IN SAN MIGUEL!!!!!
No, I didn’t get special transfers. We just decided to spend our P-day here and it’s been a blast! As sister training leaders, we have our little ‘sister district’ that we’re in charge of and my companion and I had been wanting to do an activity with them for a while now. So when we saw Hna Mejorada on Thursday, we asked her for permission and she was like ‘Yeah, go for it!’ and that’s what we did! We grabbed all of the sisters here in Celaya and we came to San Miguel and spent the day in this really awesome botanical garden park thing and yeah. So much fun!
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It feels so weird yet good to be back in my old area. I’m actually going to be staying here for a few days for divisions, which I’m super pumped about. And yeah.
So that’s it for this week! Until next time,
Hna Sanabria

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