Week 72 + 21st Birthday + Leadership Council!


camila cake

So first things first. It’s SO WEIRD to think that I’m 21 now. Like, I still don’t believe it. The good thing is that I did have a rather good birthday. My district leader called me at like, 6:35 AM to sing me las mañanitas (the Mexican birthday song), which caught me off guard because I had totally forgot it was my birthday when I woke up. Then, what with it being on Tuesday, I was in my district council all morning and afterwards my zone leaders brought me a cake and sang me las mañanitas again and we all ate and hung around a bit. Then we worked like normal and finished the day ordering pizza and buying another cake. So yeah, you can say I enjoyed it.

Leadership Council

leadership council 1

Then on Thursday was Leadership Council, which was awesome like usual. It was a little bittersweet, though, what it being my last one and all. It definitely stunk having to say goodbye for the final time to a lot of my companions. And it didin’t help that the main theme of our council was about how we as a mission are like a family and we were all getting all lovey-dovey on each other. Yeah, goodbyes are definitely the worst part about the mission.
leadership council 2
leadership council 3
leadership council 4
leadership council 5
leadership council 6
leadership council 7
leadership council 8
leadership council 9
Las hermanas capacitadoras!
leadership council 10
leadership council 11
leadership council 12
leadership council 13
leadership council 14
leadership council 15
leadership council 16
leadership council 17
birthday 1

With the sisters of my zone, after ‘la mordida’.

birthday 2
With the elders, who were the culprits of my face getting covered with cake.

And yeah. It was a good week though. We’ve got a lot of work going on and I’m just trying to enjoy every second that I have left.
Hermana Sanabria

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