Week 75 + Interviews!!!!



So this week we had a multi-zone training with Presidente and also our interviews, and it was awesome! We watched Elder Holland’s ‘Feed My Sheep’ video from the MTC and it was such a huge answer to my prayer. I definitely loved the part where he talks about how Peter and the disciples went back to their nets after Christ died, and how once Christ is resurrected, He goes to them and says to follow him. I’ve been kinda sad about the mission ending, but that story/video was just a huge testimony builder for me and reminded me that just because my full-time mission is coming to an end, that doesn’t mean my mission is over. It will never be over for me, in fact it’s just the beginning and yeah.



As for today, we went out with almost all of our zone to this mall and ate at this awesome restuarante called Comixs, which was basically a nerd’s celestial kingdom. There were lifesize statues of all of teh characters from DC and Marvel and we ate a ton of chicken wings and it was just a lot of fun. Then we all went to get Krispy Kreme afterwards and yeah, you can say I got pretty stuffed.
And yeah! That’s kinda it for this week! Until next time,
Hna Sanabria

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