About Me


Hola! My name is Camila Sanabria and I’m 19 years old. I’m from the beautiful state of Florida but have found a new home in Rexburg, Idaho. I just finished my first semester at Brigham Young University Idaho and kinda fell in love with the place – even though I was freezing my butt off most of the time, haha. Even though it was my first semester, I’m actually a junior (thank you dual enrollment program!) I was majoring in English Creative Wrting but two weeks after the semester ended I decided to switch to Communications. I love reading and writing, which is kind of obvious considering my two major choices. I also do this thing called photography and hope to start my own business once I finish my mission.

A little about my family since they’re kind of what motivated me to go on a mission. My mother is from Chile and my father is from Colombia, making my siblings and I Chilombican (Chilean-Colombian-American). There’s four of us kids and we’re all super close in age. The oldest is my brother JD (he’s 20), then exactly a year and four hours later I was born, exactly 23 months pass and my sister Dalila is born (she’s 17), and then finally out came Isaac (he’s 16). I’ve also got a bunch of cousins and we all grew up living within five minutes of each other, so I consider them as brothers (and sister).


Here we all are on Christmas  (click to enlarge). We’re only missing JD and my cousin Homero , who was over at his in-laws. I also have six more cousins, but they don’t live nearby so unfortunately they weren’t able to be in the picture.

Both of my parents converted to the church when they were in their early teens along with their families. They also both served honorable missions: my mom in Chile Orsono and my dad in Florida Ft Lauderdale.  Having witnessed first hand the blessings of having both of my parents return missionaries helped me with the decision to serve one myself.

For the longest time I did not want to serve a mission. I figured that by the time I was old enough to go, I’d be too into school and getting my life started to go on one. However, thanks to the age change, I realized that all of my excuses for not going were now invalid. So after many nights of pondering and praying, I came to the realization that I needed to go on a mission. And that brings us to now! On February 18, 2014 I report to the MTC and begin what will be the most challenging yet rewarding 18 months of my life!


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